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Smw: Ernst Bornstein

this morning (sunday 28th), 10.05-10.20am, on bbc radio scotland
sunday monday with … (presented by richard holloway) leads with …

“The 27th January marked Holocaust Memorial Day and Richard is joined by Noemie Lopian, the daughter of Holocaust survivor Ernst Bornstein who spent four years moving between seven different concentration camps before being liberated by the Americans in 1945.”

including interview with …
• daughter and translator noemie lopian


Thomas Keneally

this morning (sunday 8th), 10.35-10.44am, on bbc radio scotland
sunday morning with … (presented by ricky ross) includes …

“Ricky talks to prolific author, Thomas Keneally, whose best-selling book, Schindler’s Ark, became the basis of the Oscar-winning film, Schindler’s List.”


Balfour 100 (Wales)

this morning (sunday 8th), 9.03-9.33am, on bbc radio wales
the balfour declaration at 100 (presented by canon dr sarah rowland-jones) (in the all things considered series)
with guests …
• rabbi professor dan cohn-sherbok
• rev mones farah, rector of aberystwyth and born into a kafr bir’im family
• dr jasmine donahaye, daughter of a former resident of the beit hashita kibbutz (more…)

HMD: Susan Pollack

this morning (sunday 22nd), 11.37-11.57am, on bbc radio scotland
sunday morning with … (presented by cathy macdonald) concludes with …

“This Friday marks Holocaust Memorial Day.
Cathy speaks to • Susan Pollack who retells her powerful personal story of survival in the concentration camps of the Second World War.”

(see also and (more…)

Smw: Phillipe Sands

this morning (sunday 2nd), 10.03-10.45am, on bbc radio scotland
sunday morning with … (presented by sally magnusson) includes …

“Lawyer and writer Phillipe Sands talks to Sally Magnusson about the emotional journey he went on to uncover his family’s tragic past in Germany.”

(if you miss it, available from 0:03:30 to 0:45:00 at

HMD: Darfur, and music

this morning (sunday 24th), 10.00-11.55am, on bbc radio scotland
sunday morning with … (presented by ricky ross) leads with …

Looking ahead to Holocaust Memorial Day on Wednesday 27th January, Ricky is joined by Dr. Mukesh Kapila, Professor of Global Health and Humanitarian Affairs, University of Manchester. In 2003, when head of the UN in Sudan, he witnessed the terrible atrocities in Darfur and became a whistleblower, losing his job as a result.
And composer Adam Gorb talks about the journey he went on to meet a man who’s been searching for, and resurrecting, the music composed in secret in the concentration camps of World War Two.”


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