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PMQ: Naz Shah 27/4/2016

yesterday afternoon (wednesday 27th), 12.25-12.26pm, on bbc parliament tv
prime minister’s questions includes …

The Prime Minister: (Q7.) “It is very simple: anti-Semitism is effectively racism, and we should call it out and fight it wherever we see it. Frankly, the fact that a Labour Member of Parliament, with the Labour Whip, made remarks about the ‘transportation’ of people from Israel to America, talked about a ‘solution’ and is still in receipt of the Labour Whip is quite extraordinary.
The shadow Chancellor said** about these people: ‘Out, out, out. If people express these views: full stop they’re out. People might be able to reform their views and the rest of it. On this? I can’t see it.’
‘…I’m not having it. People might say “I’ve changed my views” – well, do something in another organisation!
Frankly, there will be too many hours in the day before that happens to the MP in question.”


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