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Witness: Nabih El Suhaimat

this morning (thursday 8th), 8.50-8.59am, on bbc world service radio (repeated in the history hour on sunday evening)
nabih el suhaimat (interviewed by zeinab dabaa) (in the witness series)

The Six Day War – A Jordanian View:
In 1967 East Jerusalem was under the control of Jordan, and Captain Nabih El Suhaimat was stationed there.
In early June he and his soldiers fought in vain against Israeli paratroopers. But they lost control of the Old City and he was forced to flee Jerusalem in disguise.”



Witness: Arik Achmon

yesterday morning (wednesday 7th), 8.50-8.59am, on bbc world service radio (repeated in the history hour on sunday evening)
arik achmon (interviewed by louise hidalgo) (in the witness series)

The Six Day War – An Israeli View:
On 7 June 1967, Israel captured the whole of Jerusalem during the Six Day War, including its most holy site, the Temple Mount that is revered by both Jews and Muslims.
Arik Achmon was one of the first Israeli paratroopers to enter the old city that day and reach the Western Wall.”


Hugh Sykes on Jerusalem

BBC bias: The BBC implies that the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem have no vote.
this afternoon (thursday 8th), 1.14-1.21pm, on bbc radio 4
world at one (presented by mark mardell) includes …

Hugh Sykes reports from Jerusalem.”
“This is a binational city, and in this binational city, one national collective has all the power, and the other is politically disempowered.

including contributions from …
• lawyer daniel seidemann
• jerusalem post reporter amotz asa-el
(if you missed it, available from 0:14:30 to 0:21:30 at

Today: Six-Day War

the bbc presents the six day war as a war of aggression, based on israeli belief that it would be invaded
this morning (thursday 8th), 6.48-6.53am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by sarah montague) includes …

“This week, from 5th June, this week it marks 50 years since Israel launched an overwhelming strike against three of its neighbours, Egypt Syria and Jordan. It believed those countries were planning an invasion.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter tom bateman
• author meir shalev
• former jordanian pilot, now general, mahmoud erdisat
fatima khadir of east jerusalem
• former israeli solder, now rabbi, yoel bin-nun
(see also


Newshour: nuclear last resort

this evening (monday 5th), 9.24-9.29pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by tim franks) includes …

“On the fiftieth anniversary of the Six Day War, which transformed Israel’s place in the Middle East, a historian says he has evidence that Israel had planned a last resort tactic, the explosion of a nuclear device.”

including interview with …
• historian avner cohen (more…)

Naksa Day

this afternoon (friday 1st), 12.33-12.41pm (repeated 6.33pm), on bbc world service radio
the fifth floor (presented by david amano) includes …

Egypt’s Naksa Day:
Next Monday is the 50th anniversary of Naksa day, or Day of the Setback.
The “setback” for Egypt was their crushing defeat by Israel in the Six Day War.
BBC Arabic reporter in Cairo, Sally Nabil, tells us how the day is viewed there now.”


Mor Loushy: Censored Voices

this evening (monday 7th), 10.00-11.25pm, on bbc 4 tv
the six-day war: censored voices (in the storyville series) (more…)

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