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PM: German passport?

yesterday evening (wednesday 26th), 5.34-5.46pm, and this evening (thursday 27th), 5.36-5.51pm, on bbc radio 4
pm (presented by carolyn quinn) includes …

Adrian Goldberg is a Radio 5 Live presenter who’s deciding whether to get a German passport in order to remain an EU citizen. Adrian’s father Rudy escaped Nazi Germany as a 13-year-old when his parents, worried about the increasing persecution of Germany’s Jews, found him a place on the kindertransport. Rudy became one of the 10,000 youngsters relocated to families in the UK on the eve of the Second World War …
Today, Adrian tries to understand more about his father’s journey to this country. and what he would make of Adrian’s dilemma.”
Today, Adrian heads to Berlin. Have the Jews simply been replaced by the Muslims as a persecuted minority?”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter adrian goldberg
• historian anthony grenville, chair of the research centre for german and austrian exile studies, university of london, and former consultant editor of the association of jewish refugees journal
ralph stanton (rolf steinberg), kindertransport child, aged 14
ruth jacobs (ruth heber), kindertransport child, innsbruck, aged 10
• dr sina arnold, berlin institute for empirical integration and migration research
beatrix von storch, deputy leader, AfD
nina peretz
dekel peretz
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