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6ocn: Labour ‘Shylock’

yesterday evening (friday 8th), 6.07-6.08pm, on bbc radio 4 

six o’clock news includes …

“A Labour candidate has stood down after he was accused of making an anti-semitic remark. Gideon Bull, who had been selected to stand at Clacton in Essex, denied calling a Jewish councillor ‘Shylock’, but admitted using the word during a private meeting.”

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Today: Jews Money Myth

this morning (monday 25th), 6.39-6.43am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by justin webb and john humphrys) includes …

“A new exhibition at the Jewish Museum in London, Jews Money Myth’, seeks to expose anti-semitic stereotypes about money as well as exploring the ethical role that money plays in Jewish life. The exhibition was planned before the anti-semitism issue hit the Labour Party, but it still seems pretty highly relevant to it.”

including contributions from  …

• bbc reporter nicola stanbridge

• museum director abigail morris


Making things right

yesterday morning (sunday 23rd), 8.48-8.58am, on bbc radio 4
shylock’s mock appeal (presented by howard jacobson) (in the a point of view series)

Howard Jacobson applauds the granting of an appeal by Shylock in a mock trial in Venice as a symbolic revoking of a bad decision.
‘It’s natural to rage against wrong decisions, miscarrriages of justice or the inclemencies of nature, but the more fanciful of us go further and imagine that some power will intervene and make things right again’.”


Shylock is my name

last thursday evening (4th february), 7.16-7.24pm, on bbc radio 4
front row (presented by kirsty lang) leads with …

Howard Jacobson talks about his new novel, Shylock is My Name


HMD: Free thinking

this evening (wednesday 27th), 10.00-10.45pm, on bbc radio 3
stefan zweig, howard jacobson, michael sandle (presented by philip dodd) (in the free thinking series) (more…)

Shylock’s Ghost

tomorrow evening (tuesday 27th), 10.35-11.45pm, on bbc 1
shylock’s ghost (presented by alan yentob) (in the imagine … series)

Alan Yentob travels to the ghetto in Venice with award-winning novelist Howard Jacobson as he embarks on a retelling of Shakespeare’s most performed play, The Merchant of Venice. Through a series of lively – often fiery – interviews, they examine the charge of anti-Semitism against Shakespeare, whose character Shylock remains one of the most odious and divisive fictional Jews in history.
How did the moneylender from Venice become such a useful propaganda tool in Nazi Germany? And how much of a liberty will Jacobson be taking when he uproots the action to modern-day Alderley Edge, and audaciously reinterprets the infamous ‘pound of flesh’?
Interviewees include • Antony SherAnthony Julius and • Stephen Greenblatt.”


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