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Today: MCB on anti-semitism

this morning (thursday 28th), 8.44-8.50am, on bbc radio 4
today includes john humphries interviewing vivian wineman of the board of deputies and dr shuja shafi of the muslim council of britain on their joint statement (, which although it condemns violence or intimidation, is silent on blaming british jews for the actions of israel

(2:46:20) Humphries “So scrawling “Free Gaza” on a synagogue would be something you would say just do not do that, to people in your community?”
(2:46:31) Shafi “I think what this joint statement is about also is that we recognise that for Palestine and Israel conflict is concerned, there are deeply held views among the communities, and that is politically right for them to have it’s a right for them to have, and that should not be in any way curtailed. But what we need to understand is that there’s a proper way of how we conduct this, and there is no room for anti-semitism islamophobia or any type of hatred.”
(2:47:10) HumphriesBut scrawling “Free Gaza” on the door of a synagogue would count as anti-semitism in your view, would it?”
(2:47:17) ShafiErm …
(2:47:19) Humphries “Well, you’re a bit unsure?
Shafi “No”
Humphries “I’m sure Vivian Wineman would consider, would you consider it anti-semitic?”
(2:47:24) “Absolutely, ”
(2:47:26) ShafiWe would have no hesitation in saying anything that is anti-semitic should not be [inaudible]
(2:47:31) HumphriesBut would scrawling “Free Gaza” on the door of a synagogue count as anti-semitism in your view?”
(2:47:36) Shafi “Well, it’s a rule that perhaps we should follow and respect, and say this is probably not the way to do it, but there are other ways of doing it.”

apparently, since “Free Gaza” is not in itself anti-semitic, the mcb has not yet accepted that scrawling it on a synagogue accuses british jews as jews of being responsible for the actions of israel, and thereby stirs up racial hatred
(if you missed it, available from 2:44:25 to 2:49:30 at

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