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SH: Anne Senchal

last wednesday morning (6th march), 8.23-8.28am, on bbc 2 tv
see hear (presented by yvonne cobb and julian peedle-calloo) concludes with …

Deaf Holocaust survivor Anne Senchal, who grew up in Germany under Nazi rule before fleeing to safety in the UK.”


SH: Princess Alice

last wednesday morning (6th march), 8.20-8.22am, on bbc 2 tv
see hear (presented by yvonne cobb and julian peedle-calloo) includes …

“Acclaimed deaf actress Sophie Stone tells the story of Princess Alice, the deaf member of the Royal family. …
She had a secret which her family found about after her funeral. During World War II, Alice went to live in Athens. And it was there that she heard of a Jewish family, knowing they were in danger, welcomed them into her home, and actually hid them.”


See hear: Tel Aviv

last wednesday evening (16th january), 8.00-8.30am (repeated 2.10am yesterday), on bbc 2 tv
on tour: tel aviv (presented by nadeem isllam) (in the see hear series)

“The explosions were so loud you could feel them. They would explode in the sky and disintegrate. The army gave out special vibrating alarms to deaf people so that we knew when the missiles were coming.”

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