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QT: Grandpa Corbyn

yesterday evening (friday 22nd), 7.05-7.08pm, on bbc 1 tv (partly repeated 10.33-10.34pm on newsnight on bbc 2 tv, from 0:03:25 to 0:04:15 at

question time: 2019 leaders special (presented by fiona bruce) includes …

[Ryan Jacobs:] “Mr Corbyn, I heard you talk about free speech and standing up for human rights, and I have two young daughters and what terrifies me is I look at some of the Labour MPs, some female Labour MPs, and the misogyny that’s happened in the Labour Party, they’ve been driven out of the party, I look at a video on youtube with Ruth Smeeth particularly (because I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt in terms of maybe people aren’t doing it in your name and not supported by you), and I look at a video of Ruth Smeeth online, where she was in a press conference with you, and they say that Ruth Smeeth a Jewish MP was heckled out of that press conference, it’s online it’s on youtube, and there you are at the end of the press conference chatting happily to that same heckler, I don’t buy this whole nice old grandpa, I see that video and that tells me all I need to know and I’m terrified for my daughters because I see what you do in that video and I don’t understand how you can say you stand up for human rights and free speech when that’s how you support a Labour MP at a Labour press conference, I think it’s disgraceful’.”

[Fiona Bruce:] “Under your leadership, Labour has become the second political party after the BNP to be investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. How do you feel to be in that kind of company?”

(see full transcript at

(see original youtube video at

(if you missed it, available from 0:05:44 to 0:08:45 at

Today: Smeeth on Corbyn

this morning (tuesday 23rd), 7.03-7.04am and 7.23-7.27am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by justin webb and john humphrys) includes …

Critics of Jeremy Corbyn’s attempts to deal with anti-semtism have dismissed his latest attempts to deal with the issue.”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter nick eardley

ruth smeeth mp


Nn: Blair on Corbyn

yesterday evening (monday 22nd), 10.41-10.44pm and 10.47-10.49pm, on bbc 2 tv

newsnight (presented by emily maitlis) includes …

Would you be able to vote Labour as things stand?”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter james clayton

ruth smeeth mp

tony blair  


SP: Is Labour anti-semitic?

this morning (sunday 14th), 11.11-11.14am, on bbc 1 tv (west midlands

sunday politics midlands (presented by patrick burns) includes …

Patrick Burns is joined by • Rachel Maclean MP and • Ruth Smeeth MP to debate Islamophobia in the Conservative Party and anti-Semitism in Labour.”


6ocn/Twt/Newsnight: Williamson let off

this evening (wednesday 26th), 6.09-6.10pm, 10.02-10.03pm, and 10.28-10.32pm, on bbc radio 4 

six o’clock news and the world tonight (presented by ritula shah) include …

“The MP for Derby North, Chris Williamson, has been allowed back into the Labour Party after an investigation into comments he made about the Party’s handling of anti-semitism allegations.”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter nick eardley

• bbc reporter chris mason

ruth smeeth mp


W@1: Andrew Murray accused

this afternoon (tuesday 5th), 1.01-1.02pm, and 1.07-1.14pm, on bbc radio 4
world at one (presented by sarah montague) includes …

“It’s no secret that he was a senior member of the Communist Party, and was a fervent believer in that route to socialism as he saw it … if he still holds them I think he should be in the Communist Party rather than in the Labour Party.

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter norman smith
margaret hodge mp
• lord ray collins, former general secretary of the labour party

WH: Falconer considering

yesterday evening (sunday 3rd), 11.37-11.41pm, on bbc radio 4
westminster hour (presented by carolyn quinn, with panellists • former head of the foreign office simon fraser, • ruth smeeth mp, and • george freeman mp), includes …

“Anti-semitism: Lord Falconer meeting the Labour general secretary Jennie Formby tomorrow: what’s that all about?”


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