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Newshour/6ocn : Rosalind Franklin

this afternoon (thursday 7th), 2.46-2.49pm on bbc world service radio, and 6.27-6.29pm on bbc radio 4
newshour (presented by james menendez) and six o’clock news include …

“Next year, a new probe will be sent to Mars to explore the planet’s surface. As it’s been assembled largely here in the UK, it fell to the British public to give it a name – and we’ve managed to avoid anything facetious this time. Instead, the rover will be named after one of our most eminent scientists, Rosalind Franklin, although she’s not exactly a household name.”

including contributions from …
• molecular biologist anna ramachandran
• bbc reporter jonathan amos
• astronaut timothy peake
alice bunn, international director, uk space agency

LW: Aaron Klug

this evening (sunday 30th), 8.17-8.23pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated from 4.17pm friday)
last word (obituary programme, presented by julian worricker) includes …

“The Nobel prize winning scientist, Professor Sir Aaron Klug, credited with ground-breaking work on the structure of viruses.
Born 11 August 1926; died 20 November 2018, aged 92.”

including interviews with …
• son, professor david klug
• nobel laureate richard henderson

Rosalind Franklin

this morning (thursday 22nd), 9.00-9.45am, on bbc radio 4
rosalind franklin (1920 – 1958) (in the in our time series) (presented by melvyn bragg)

“With: • Patricia Fara, President of the British Society for the History of Science, • Jim Naismith, Interim lead of the Rosalind Franklin Institute, Director of the Research Complex at Harwell and Professor at the University of Oxford, and • Judith Howard, Professor of Chemistry at Durham University.

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