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PM: Richard Millett

this afternoon (saturday 25th), 5.02-5.03pm and 5.22-5.26pm, on bbc radio 4 (partly repeated 6.05pm on six o’clock news)
pm (presented by caroline wyatt) includes …

Richard Millett, a Jewish blogger who believes he was one of the Zionists Jeremy Corbyn said didn’t understand English irony, has described the Labour leader’s comments as ’deeply antisemitic and racist’.

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter tom barton

HMD: Ken Livingstone

last friday (26th january), on press tv
has the holocaust been exploited to oppress others? (presented by roshan mohammed shah, with studio guest ken livingstone) (in the the big conversation series)

(Livingstone, 0:12:18) “We aren’t seeing the image about what happens to so many Palestinians because literally it’s considered too controversial. Anyone doing a film about it has got to be denounced as anti-semitic.”

(if you missed it, available at

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