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FOOC: Belsen 75

this morning (saturday 18th), 11.37–11.42am, on bbc radio 4 

from our own correspondent (presented by kate adie) includes …

Richard Dimbleby’s report from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, liberated by British troops seventy-five years ago, remains one of the most remarkable broadcasts ever. It was a revelation as he carefully detailed the horrific reality of the Nazi’s ‘final solution’. His son Jonathan recently returned to the camp with film maker Simon Broughton and survivor Tomi Reichental.”


Today: Belsen 75

this morning (wednesday 15th), 8.08-8.10am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by martha kearney) includes…

“Today marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation by British troops of the Nazi concentration mamp at Bergen-Belsen in Germany. More than 50,000 people are thought to have died there over the course of the Second World War, the majority of them Jews and Soviet prisoners.”

including report from …

• bbc reporter kevin connolly 


Return to Belsen

last tuesday evening (7th april), 9.00-9.55pm (repeated 10.45pm thursday), on itv  

return to belsen (presented by jonathan dimbleby

Jonathan Dimbleby travels to Belsen with survivors, liberators and locals, following in the footsteps of his father Richard Dimbleby, whose 1945 radio report shocked the world and unmasked the true horror of the concentration camps.”

including contributions from survivors (with age at liberation) …

anita lasker-wallfisch, 19

eva behar, 19, and • daughter laura kaye 

tomi reichental, 10

shraga milstein, 12

zdenka fantlova, 23, author of the tin ring 

mala tribich, 14 

mady gerrard, 14 

liora danielle, daughter of survivor

and liberators

ian forsyth, corporal, 14th armoured division, 96

bernard levy, corporal, 94

• dr nigel miller, son of liberator major nathaniel miller ramc

and historians

• professor rainer schulze 

• bergen-belsen historian stephanie billib 

saqib malik, british history schoolteacher

and • the voice of richard dimbleby

(if you missed it, available without adverts at


Belsen: Our story

yesterday evening (tuesday 28th), 9.00-10.00pm (repeated 11.15pm wednesday), on bbc 2 tv  

belsen: our story (narrated by kate fleetwood)

“Unlike the infamous extermination or death camps such as Auschwitz or Treblinka, Belsen wasn’t designed specifically as a place for industrialised killing. It had no gas chambers. Instead, the prisoners were slaughtered by systematic neglect – many starved to death, others succumbed to typhus, tuberculosis, typhoid fever or dysentery, diseases that ravaged the camp, fostered by the lack of clean drinking water and minimal sanitation.”

including survivors (with age on arrival) … • maurice blik (4), • peter lantos (5), • mala tribich (14), • anita lasker-wallfisch (18), • zdenka fantlova (22), • gena turgel (22), 

and liberators … • george leonard, oxfordshire yeomanry, and • captain eric brown rn

(if you miss it, available at

HMD: Radio Solent

this morning (monday 27th), 9.12-9.18am, and 10.11-10.17am, on bbc radio solent 

alun newman and lou hannan includes …

Holocaust Memorial Day

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter helen head

• survivor susan pollock 

• survivor henry schachter, b. 1939, berlin

• bbc reporter jo palmer

• rev rachel noel

• head teacher kirsty richards


JV: Holocaust denial

yesterday afternoon (monday 28th), 1.36-1.47pm and 1.50-1.56pm, on bbc radio 2
jeremy vine (phone-in programme, with guest • laurence rees, historian, author of the holocaust: a new history (2017)) concludes with …

Holocaust denial


HMD: House of Commons

last thursday afternon (24th january), 12.48-3.28pm, on bbc parliament tv (repeated in separate programme, 8.00am-10.42am on sunday 27th january)
house of commons 24/1/2019 includes …

Holocaust Memorial Day 2019

speeches by …
Ian Austin (Lab)
Peter Bottomley (C)
Joan Ryan (Lab)
Stephen Crabb (C)
John Mann (Lab)
Andrew Percy (C)
Luciana Berger (Lab)
Theresa Villiers (C)
Jessica Morden (Lab)
Fiona Bruce (C)
Carolyn Harris (Lab)
Gillian Keegan (C)
Chi Onwurah (Lab)
Bob Stewart (C)
Lisa Cameron (SNP)
Bob Blackman (C)
Lyn Brown (Lab)
Stephen Kerr (C)
Jamie Stone (LD)
Matthew Offord (C)
Pat McFadden (Lab)
Ian Paisley (DUP)
Liz McInnes (Lab)
David Linden (SNP)
Peter Grant (SNP)
Jim Shannon (DUP)
Patrick Grady (SNP)
Yvonne Fovargue (Lab)
Heather Wheeler (C)interventions by …
Anna Turley (Lab)
Mike Wood (C)
Alex Sobel (Lab)
Jim Cunningham (Lab)
Paula Sherriff (Lab)

(transcript at
(if you missed it, available at or from 1:34:13 to 4:15:30 at

Witness: Bergen-Belsen 1

last wednesday morning (18th april). 8.50-9.00am, on bbc world service radio
the liberation of bergen-belsen (in the witness series) (repeated on sunday in the the history hour)
including 2009 interview of • sir brian urquhart by • lucy williamson

Holocaust Memorial Day

tomorrow evening (tuesday 27th), 7.00-8.00pm, on bbc 2
holocaust memorial day (presented by david dimbleby) (part of holocaust memorial season) (more…)

Sunday worship: keep the memory alive

this morning (sunday 25th), 8.10-8.50am, on bbc radio 4
sunday worship: keep the memory alive (includes testimony from ros johnson of the coventry jewish community about the lives of her family in lodz, poland) (more…)

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