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Holocaust denial

yesterday evening (monday 17th), 9.00-10.00pm (repeated 11.15pm tonight), on bbc 2 tv

confronting holocaust denial (presented by david baddiel) includes interviews with …

• historian bartek janaker 

• historian deborah lipstadt 

• lawyer anthony julius 

• historian akvile naudziuniene 

kestutis noravechu, supporter of jonas noreika

•  professor gilbert achcar, author of arabs and the holocaust

richard allan, spokesman for facebook 

• holocaust denier dermot mulqueen 

• survivor rachel levy 

“The Holocaust is one of the most documented, witnessed and written about events in history, yet one in six people worldwide either think the Holocaust has been exaggerated or deny that it took place. What has happened in the 75 years since the liberation of the camps to have so skewed the picture? And, if it matters, why does it matter?

In this timely and important film, David Baddiel explores the multi-faceted nature of Holocaust denial – in both historical and contemporary terms, in an attempt to understand what motivates this dangerous phenomenon and why it is on the rise, both in Britain and across the globe.


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