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yesterday evening (tuesday 30th), 8.00-8.30pm (repeated 5.00pm, sunday), on bbc radio 4 

we do do god (presented by edward kessler) includes …

“Woolf Institute director Ed Kessler examines the rise of fundamentalists in the three main Abrahamic religions – Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

He talks to faith leaders and adherents among some of the more strictly observant – the Jewish Haredi, the Muslim Salafis and the Christian Pentacostalists. He tries to get a sense of what the term ‘fundamentalist’ means in the context of these religious movements – to many, it conjures up frightening images of violence but, in its true sense, fundamentalism is really only a return to the early tenets and practices of these religions.”

including contributions from …

• rabbi herschel gluck 

kate loewenthal

• rabbi reuven leigh of chabad

• dayan ivan binstock


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