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Sunday: Streatham synagogue

yesterday morning (sunday 29th), 7.16-7.21am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by martin bashir) includes …

“The South London Liberal Synagogue in Streatham is trying to raise £50, 000 to convert a disused caretaker’s flat in the building to accommodate a refugee family from Syria.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter trevor barnes
alice alphandry
harriet neuberger (more…)


Today: refugees

this morning (monday 12th), 6.49-6.53am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by sarah montague) includes …

Religious leaders from across the country are calling on the prime minister to accept more refugees.
Rabbi Julia Neuberger is a signatory of the letter, which says this country has shown “generosity, kindness, solidarity and decency” to refugees in the past and we must now do so again.”


Borders (1 of 3)

this evening (thursday 14th), 8.00-8.30pm, on bbc radio 4
leaving (1st of 3 episodes in the borders, an odyssey series)

Why leave home? With Homer’s The Odyssey as her guide, Frances Stonor Saunders, explores the twists and turns of our bordered lives and our bordered world.
She asks what happens when we decide, or are forced, to leave our home.
With: • Judith Kerr, • Helen Sharman, • Neal Ascherson, • Edith Hall, and readings by Sam West.”


PM: unwanted African migrants

this afternoon (wednesday 3rd), 5.38-5.45pm, on bbc radio 4
pm (presented by eddie mair) includes …

“BBC Africa has gathered evidence that Israel is sending unwanted African migrants to third countries under secretive deals which may be in breach of international law”

including interviews with …
• bbc reporter cathy harcombe
• human rights lawyer anat ben-dor
• foreign ministry spokesman emmanuel nahshon
(see also (more…)

Today: Chief Rabbi meets Pope

last friday morning (4th september), 8.15-8.20am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by justin webb and james naughtie) includes …

“The Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis told this programme that a paradigm change in mindset was needed to prevent a deeper loss of life. He said Britain needed to do much more.”

… interview with:
• chief rabbi ephraim mirvis

(Ephraim Mirvis 2:19:28) “When there’s a person knocking on your door and that person’s life is in on the line, go out there and help that individual.”


Newshour: Syrian refugees

this afternoon (sunday 16th), 1.40-1.54pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710 or 107)
newshour (presented by julian marshall) includes …

“Syrian refugees in the Jabal el-Hussein camp in Jordan”

and so naturally includes an interview (by kevin connolly) with …
• former palestinian refugee (from nablus), labib kamhawi (more…)

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