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Hitler and Drugs

yesterday evening (tuesday 4th), 10.19-10.32pm, on bbc radio 3
free thinking (presented by rana mitter) includes …

Norman Ohler, author of Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany, reveals the role played by drugs such as methamphetamine in Hitler’s downfall.”



Discussion: Fiddler on the Roof

tomorrow evening (saturday 25th), 8.20-8.40pm, on bbc radio 3
fiddler on the roof (interval discussion, presented by rana mitter) (in the proms extra series)

“Award-winning actor Henry Goodman and director and designer Antony McDonald discuss the enduring appeal of the 1964 musical Fiddler on the Roofone of the most successful in Broadway history.”


Holocaust: time and memory

tomorrow evening (tuesday 27th), 10.00-10.45pm, on bbc radio 3
nazis, holocaust, time and memory (in the free thinking series)

Rana Mitter talks to Richard J Evans about his new book The Third Reich in History and Memory which reflects on how racist theories of Empire, promulgated over centuries, provided fertile ground for Nazi theorists.
They are joined by fellow-historians Jane Caplan and David Cesarani, to survey how history has explored this period and discuss the question, was the Final Solution unique in the history of genocide.
Also in the studio, Andre Singer, Director of the documentary, Holocaust: Night Will Fall and the Polish cultural historian and writer, Eva Hoffman; they will explore how images of that time, far from being fixed in time, are endlessly renewed and reinterpreted by succeeding generations and their existence seems of increasing importance.”


David Baddiel, Shlomo Sand, Julie Burchill

tomorrow evening (wednesday 15th), 10.00-10.45pm, on bbc radio 3
david baddiel, shlomo sand, julie burchill: three separate interviews on jewish identity with professor rana mitter (in the free thinking series)

“1. David Baddiel has transformed his film The Infidel into a musical which premieres at Stratford East Theatre in London. It depicts a British Muslim who discovers he was born to a Jewish family and then adopted.
2. The Israeli professor of history Shlomo Sand has written a polemical book How I Stopped Being a Jew.
3. Julie Burchill‘s latest book is called Unchosen – The Memoirs of a Philo-Semite.”

see also shlomo sand’s “I wish to resign and cease considering myself a Jew” in last saturday’s guardian
(if you miss it, available at (more…)

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