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SMw: Raja Shehadeh

this morning (sunday 11th), 11.08-11.20am, on bbc radio scotland 

sunday morning with (“stimulating conversation from a faith and ethical perspective”, presented by sally magnusson) includes …

Raja Shehadeh and Penny Johnson live in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank. They’re both writers and campaign for Palestinian civil and political rights. They talk to Sally about their writing and their life together.”


Raving in Palestine

BBC bias: BBC News presents a completely one-sided programme on “Palestinian identity freedom and resistance”, with multiple references to apartheid and human rights.

saturday 9th february, 4.30-4.55am (repeated 9.30pm), on bbc news tv
raving in palestine (filmed produce and directed by sebastien rabas) (in the our world series)

including contributions from …
odai masri of oddz
sama’ abdulhadi of sama’
laith al bandak of nrd
bruno cruz, and walaa sbait, of ministry of dub-key
al nather, shab jdeed, and makimakkuk, of blinm
sana jammelieh of sana jam

“This film follows Palestinian DJs producers and musicians as they redefine Palestinian identity freedom and resistance through music.”
“Our World spent the New Year party season in Ramallah, Bethlehem and Haifa documenting the personal views of young Palestinians on the Israeli occupation, and how it impacts their music.

5F: my home town Ramallah

this afternoon (friday 1st), 12.47-12.50pm (repeated 4.47pm and 3.47am), on bbc world service radio
my home town: ramallah (part of the fifth floor programme, presented by david amano)

Tala Halawa of BBC Monitoring takes us on a tour of her hometown, the Palestinian city of Ramallah.”


Newshour/PM: ’Big Start’ Israel

this afternoon (thursday 3rd), 2.56-2.59pm (repeated 9.25pm) on bbc world service radio, and 5.49-5.53pm on bbc radio 4
newshour (presented by james menendez) and pm (presented by eddie mair) include …

“The Giro d’Italia, one of the biggest cycling races in the world, begins on Friday but not in Italy. This year’s ’big start’ will take place in Israel. When the riders roll from the start line in Jerusalem, this will be the first time in its 101 year history that it has travelled outside Europe.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter alex capstick
sylvan adams, honorary president of giro d’italia’s ’big start’ israel
paolo beeline, manager of rcs sport, organisers of giro d’italia
malak hasan who runs a cycling club on the west bank
• israeli cyclist guy niv
• israeli cyclist guy sagiv
ze’ev elkin mk, minister for jerusalem affairs
(see also

5f: Nida Ibrahim

this afternoon (friday 7th), 12.21-12.29pm (repeated 6.21pm), on bbc world service radio
the fifth floor (presented by david amano) includes …

Nida Ibrahim, who reports for BBC Arabic from Ramallah, talked to young Palestinians for a documentary series last month ( about the lives of young people around the world.
The Palestinian Territories has the youngest population in the Middle East, but politics and administration are dominated by older generations. Nida says young people are finding different ways of expressing themselves.”


Young Palestinians

this morning (sunday 4th), 9.06-9.32am, on bbc world service radio (repeated from last wednesday)
the palestinian territories (presented by nida ibrahim) (4th of 4 episodes of a young world, in the the compass series, the other three being about uganda, sierra leone, and the philippines)

“The Palestinian territories have the youngest population in the Middle East with a median age under 21. How do these young people express themselves culturally?
Nida Ibrahim, the BBC’s Ramallah producer, finds the challenges of conservatism and poverty mean that artists and performers find they have to struggle to be recognised – with many only able to find an audience via new media.”

including interviews with …
• hip-hop artist and film-maker muhammad mughrabi, of shuafat
• musician bashar murad
syrian zawafta, 28, of ashtar theatre, arrested and put in isolation for facebook incitement (more…)

FOOC: West Bank rock-climbing

yesterday morning (saturday 16th), 11.47-11.52am, on bbc radio 4
from our own correspondent (presented by kate adie) includes …

Ed Lewis joins the young Palestinians having their horizons widened at a rock-climbing club in Ramallah.”


Newshour: tensions rise

last friday (16th october), 2.07-2.15pm,  9.07-9.17pm, and 9.45-9.49pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710 or 107)
newshour (presented by rebecca kesby and julian marshall) leads with …

Tensions Rise Between Israel and Palestinians:
Israelis and Palestinians clash”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter lyse doucet
benjamin netanyahu
naftali bennet
hanan ashrawi
• police spokesman micky rosenfeld
mustafa barghouti
tzipi livni
• bbc middle east analyst amina jalal (more…)

The Six Day War: 1

tomorrow evening (sunday 14th), 8.32-8.41pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710 or 107)
the history hour (presented by max pearson) includes …

The Six Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbours: Louise Hidalgo hears from two Palestinians about their memories of that time (next week: the Israeli view).”

including interviews with …
samia khoury of east jerusalem, author of reflections from palestine: a journey of hope (2014)
nuri akram nuri of ramallah (then 8) (more…)

Click: Israel

four weeks ago (may 31st), on bbc news tv (freeview channel 710)
click visits israel
spencer kelly shows an autonomous car, and an in-wheel wheelchair suspension system making a smoother ride over steps, and reports on the following companies and their products:
Opgal: first in the world to turn an andorid smartphone itno a thermal imaging camera
Tactical Robotics: the Air-Mule, an ambulance drone
MobileOCT: a hand-held imaging system screening for cancer
FS21: biometrics identification by gait
IDC Herzliya Innovations Lab: products which help people with balance problems
Gauzi: privacy glass (more…)

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