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Today: Gaza airstrike

this morning (monday 16th), 7.34-7.42am, and 8.50-8.54am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by justin webb and john humphrys) includes …

Two Palestinian teenagers were killed in an attack by Israel at the weekend on Gaza. They were pupils at a school run by UNRWA. It’s been described as the worst exchange of hostilities between the two sides since the war in 2014.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter tom bateman
• unrwa spokesman chris gunness
• former idf spokesman lt-col peter lerner


Newshour: Syrian refugees

this afternoon (wednesday 4th), 2.45-2.49pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by james menendez) includes …

”A few days ago, Israel’s hard-line defence minster, Avigdor Lieberman, said on social media that while Israel was prepared to continue to offer humanitarian assistance to civilians, it wouldn’t accept any Syrian refugees. Well, one man calling for a change in that policy is Peter Lerner.”

including interview with …
• former idf spokesman, lt-col peter lerner

Newshour: IDF murder investigation

yesterday (friday 25th), 2.46-2.50pm, and 9.36-9.45pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by julian marshall and andrew peach)

Israel has detained and charged a soldier seen in a widely-distributed video shooting an injured Palestinian lying on the ground.”

including interviews with …
• idf spokesman lt col peter lerner

“The incident was actually reported by the commanders in the field to the military police who began their preliminary investigation, and later on in the day the video that we’ve seen has surfaced and emerged, showing exactly what the commanders already knew. I would say in definitive terms this is an extraordinary incident … we see them as a grave breach of the idf values …”
“… The prosecutor is actually accusing the soldier of murder. …this is a grave breach and therefore it is being treated as such …”

• b’tselem volunteer imad abu shamsia
• united nations special envoy nicolai mladinov (more…)

Newshour: ISIS in Gaza?

this afternoon (thursday 11th), 2.06-2.18pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710 or 107)
newshour (presented by james menendez) leads with …

Is the so-called Islamic State in Gaza and starting to fire rockets into Israel?”

with contributions from …
• bbc reporter yolande knell
• hamas deputy foreign minister ghazi hamad
benjamin netanyahu
• israeli journalist aaron singer
eran zinger, arab affairs commentator at israel radio
• idf spokesman lt-col peter lerner
• middle east analysis nathan thrall (more…)

Newshour: Breaking the Silence

this evening (monday 4th), 9.06-9.18pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710 or 107)
newshour (presented by tim franks) leads with …

Israeli soldiers say IDF failed to protect civilians in Gaza

with contributions from …
avichai stollar, director of research at breaking the silence
fatou bensouda, chief prosecutor at the international criminal court
• idf spokesman lt col peter lerner (more…)

Newshour: Gaza 28/7/2014

yesterday evening (monday 28th), 9.07-9.14pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710)
newshour (presented by james coomarasamy) leads with …

Gaza playground hit by explosions: Israel denies attack involvement.”

and includes interviews with …
• bbc reporter martin patience from al-shifa hospital
• lt-col peter lerner (more…)

Newshour: Gaza 17/7/2014

yesterday (thursday 17th), 1.06-1.15pm, 1.40-1.45pm, 9.07-9.12pm, 9.23-9.28pm, and 9.43-9.59pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710)
newshour (presented by james coomarasamy and tim franks) leads with …

Confusion over reports of new Gaza truce.”


Israel begins ground invasion of Gaza.”

and includes interviews with …
• bbc reporter sally nabil from cairo
• bbc reporter james reynolds from mordecai, just outside the gaza strip
• bbc reporter yolande knell from gaza
mark regev
william schabas, professor of international law at middlesex university and leiden university
(of the dozens of uk international law professors,why did the bbc choose him? perhaps because of…

“Well, I am very supportive of the report. I know all of the people who were on the commission and have great respect for them, particularly Judge Goldstone, who is a very honorable man of great integrity.”

gil hoffman of the jerusalem post
• bbc reporter lyse doucet from gaza
riyad mansour, palestinian ambassador to the un
michael binyon of the london times
• lt col peter lerner
• bbc reporter paul adams from gaza (more…)

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