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Twt/Nh: Polish guilt

yesterday evening (thursday 29th), 10.35-10.44pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated 1.20pm and 9.21pm saturday on newshour on bbc world service radio)

the world tonight (presented by chris morris) concludes with …

Did some Poles cooperate with the Germans? Specifically, did any actively participate in the massacre of Jews? And then there’s the issue of land seized by the Nazis – according to the World Jewish Restitution Organisation, tens of thousands of people are still eligible to get compensation for property that was taken, compensation which has never been paid.”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter paul moss

• claimant elisabieta fizsowska

• lawyer stefan jetsenno

agnieska haska, polish centre for holocaust research

magdalena pecul-kudelska, campaign group citizens of poland

witold waszczykowski, MEP, former foreign minister, law and justice party


Twt: Barnet anti-semitism

yesterday evening (friday 8th), 10.28-10.32pm, on bbc radio 4
the world tonight (presented by james landale) includes …

“Barnet councillor Jessica Brayne has just quit the Labour Party. ‘It was quite largely due to the anti-semitism. One of my friends was speaking at a meeting and someone muttered ’Zionist bitch’ under their breath … I’m also aware of local members who’ve not been expelled but have denied Holocaust’.”

including report from …
• bbc reporter paul moss
• councillor jessica brayne
• council leader barry rawlings
• professor josn curtice, university of strathclyde

Twt/MN: Derek Hatton suspended

last night (wednesday 20th) 10.02-10.03pm, and 12.11-12.13am, on bbc radio 4
the world tonight (presented by paul moss) and midnight news include …

Labour has suspended the former deputy leader of Liverpool City Council, Derek Hatton, just two days after he was provisionally re-admitted to the party … Since Monday, the party has received a complaint about a tweet in 2012 in which Mr Hatton urged Jews to condemn what he called ’Israel’s ruthless murdering’.”

including contributions from …
barry gardiner mp
• bbc reporter jonathan blake

Twt: Labour MPs quit

yesterday evening (monday 18th), 10.01-10.02pm, and 10.07-10.27pm, on bbc radio 4
the world tonight (presented by razia iqbal) leads with …

Seven Labour MPS resigned from a party some of them had been in for decades, openly criticised the leader Jeremy Corbyn, and called for a movement to champion a brand new more centrist politics.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter chris mason
john mcdonnell mp
len mccluskey of unite
neil coyle mp
mike gapes mp
• bbc reporter paul moss
jacqui burnett, labour councillor, luton
markus keaney, labour chair, luton south
• journalist stewart carr, luton news
ayesha hazarika, former labour advisor
• journalist philip collins, former speech-writer for tony blair

Twt: Gaza casualties

this evening (tuesday 15th), 10.00-10.02pm and 10.08-10.24pm, on bbc radio 4
the world tonight (presented by ritula shah) leads with …

Two Palestinians have been shot dead in new violence sparked by protests along the border between Israel and the Gaza strip. And we hear from a refugee camp in Lebanon.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter nick bryant
• bbc reporter tom bateman
nikki haley
karen pierce, uk permanent representative at un
danny ayalon
michael lynk, un rapporteur on human rights in the occupied territories
• bbc reporter paul moss
janna al mawat, teacher in a lebanese refugee camp
nadim gemayel. lebanese mp
awad awad. film director

Newshour: Lebanon & Israel

this evening (monday 14th), 9.51-9.58pm, on bbc world service radio (repeated 10.20pm on the world tonight on bbc radio 4)
newshour (presented by julian marshall) concludes with …

”There is the possibility of an even more serious conflict brewing on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter paul moss
patricia khodr of l’orient le jour
zeinab, 24
rashid, 59
michel ragien, kataeb party (formerly christian phalange)

Twt: Susan Pollack

this evening (tuesday 26th), 10.23-10.25pm, on bbc radio 4
the world tonight (presented by paul moss) includes …

Susan Pollack spent six days crammed into a cattle truck taking more than four hundred thousand Jews rounded up in Hungary in the spring and summer of 1944. When the doors were opened, they found themselves at Auschwitz.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter alan little
• survivor susan pollack

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