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Tftd: Greenberg 24/4/2019

this morning (wednesday 24th), 7.50-7.53am, on bbc radio 4

thought for the day, by parliamentary lawyer daniel greenberg

“To disassociate ourselves from exploitative practices of any kind. So one of the things I try to take away from Passover is a reminder that slavery and exploitation are unhappily very much not matters of ancient Egyptian past, but are all around us, and that I can use my everyday consumer choices and business practices to try to ensure fair and decent treatment and opportunity for all.”


P4t: Belovski 18/4/2019

this morning (thursday 18th), 9.21-9.24am, on bbc radio 2

pause for thought by rabbi dr harvey belovski

Passover: ‘Freedom and effort go together’.”


P4t: Goldberg 18/4/2019

this morning (thursday 18th), 5.46-5.49am, on bbc radio 2

pause for thought by rabbi alex goldberg

Passover: ‘Freedom is precious and we must make the most of it’.”


P4t: Marks 16/4/2019

yesterday morning (tuesday 16th), 5.45-5.48am, on bbc radio 2

pause for thought by laura marks

Passover promises freedom, a new start and fresh opportunities.”


WOF: Passover

23rd february 1993, 2nd april 1995, 3rd april 1995, 18th april 1995, 26th march 1996, and 7th may 1996, on bbc world service radio

passover (from the series of 4-minute words of faith talks) 

1. “Rabbi Hugo Gryn talks about the Jewish festival of Passover, involving the cleaning and clearing of homes and the eating of only unleavened bread.”

2. “Rabbi Julia Neuberger tells the story of Passover, commemorating the exodus of Israelites who were led out of Egypt by Moses.”

3. “Rabbi Julia Neuberger considers the history and the meanings behind the preparations for Passover.”

4. “The history and meaning of the Passover celebrations.”

5. “A lesson learned in apartheid South Africa: “Whatever is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow’.”

6. “One woman’s journey to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover: ‘I’d never really thought of it as a place you got to on a bus, rather a place you fly to on the wings of your dreams’.”

Tftd: Mirvis 17/4/2019

this morning (wednesday 17th), 7.46-7.49am, on bbc radio 4

thought for the day, by chief rabbi ephraim mirvis

Passover: ‘We’ll teach them that the iconic structures for which ancient Egypt is so well known came at great human cost, and that is why ultimately the culture symbolised by the pyramids and the sphinx has long since been consigned to history. We’ll teach them that achievement cannot be measured by the splendour of our edifices alone, impressive as they are, but by the number of generations that continue to embody our values’.”


BB: Passover

this afternoon (monday 15th), 4.30-5.00pm, on bbc radio 4 

passover (in the beyond belief series) (presented by ernie rea)

“For Jews the Passover is a time to remember their liberation from slavery in Egypt under the leadership of Moses. That story, known as the Exodus is dramatic and powerful and has inspired books and films. It still speaks today to those fighting injustice. Ernie Rea discusses the religious and contemporary meaning of Passover both for Jews and Christians.”

with panellists …

• rabbi robyn ashworth-steen, manchester reform synagogue, and former human rights lawyer

• rabbi daniel walker, heaton park hebrew congregation

• rev peter scott, samuel ferguson professor of applied theology, university of manchester, and director, lincoln theological institute


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