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Raving in Palestine

BBC bias: BBC News presents a completely one-sided programme on “Palestinian identity freedom and resistance”, with multiple references to apartheid and human rights.

saturday 9th february, 4.30-4.55am (repeated 9.30pm), on bbc news tv
raving in palestine (filmed produce and directed by sebastien rabas) (in the our world series)

including contributions from …
odai masri of oddz
sama’ abdulhadi of sama’
laith al bandak of nrd
bruno cruz, and walaa sbait, of ministry of dub-key
al nather, shab jdeed, and makimakkuk, of blinm
sana jammelieh of sana jam

“This film follows Palestinian DJs producers and musicians as they redefine Palestinian identity freedom and resistance through music.”
“Our World spent the New Year party season in Ramallah, Bethlehem and Haifa documenting the personal views of young Palestinians on the Israeli occupation, and how it impacts their music.

Israel’s Thai workers

saturday 24th november, 4.30-4.55am (repeated 9.30pm), on bbc news tv
who cares about israel’s thai workers? (presented by issariya praithongyaem of the bbc thai service) (in the our world series) (produced and directed by louise adamou)

“Around 25,000 people from Thailand work on Israel’s farms. Filmed over a year, Our World investigates allegations that many are being exploited. The team uncover evidence of squalid living conditions, unpaid wages, and hear widespread claims their health is being put at risk from pesticides.
Although under Israeli law they are entitled to decent housing and safe working conditions, one Israeli NGO that supports workers tells the BBC they are being treated as ‘tools’, rather than ‘human beings’.”

including contributions from …
avshalom vilan, chairman, israeli farmers federation
sophie shannir of kav laoved
(see also and

Gaza’s grand piano (television)

tomorrow evening (wednesday 20th), 8.30-9.00pm, on bbc 4 tv (freeview channel 9) (repeated from 9.30pm on palm sunday, 29th march, on bbc news tv)
saving gaza’s grand piano (presented by bbc reporter tim whewell, who spent 10 days embedded with belgian charity “Music Fund” in gaza) (in the our world series) (more…)

Gaza’s grand piano (television)

this saturday evening (28th march), 9.30-10.00pm, on bbc news tv (freeview channel 80 or 130) (repeated 9.30pm on palm sunday, 29th march)
saving gaza’s grand piano (in the our world series)

Our World has exclusive footage of the restoration of Gaza’s only grand piano and its first celebratory playing by some of Gaza’s budding young musicians.”


Our world: Rawabi

tomorrow evening (saturday 7th), 9.30-10.00pm, on bbc news tv (freeview channel 80 or 130) (repeated from bbc world news tv, 9.30pm this evening
the billion dollar gamble (in the our world series) (more…)

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