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H&S: Journey to Ashkenaz

this afternoon (friday 5th), 1.32-2.00pm, on bbc world service radio (repeated 2.32am, 9.32am, and 11.32pm, tomorrow)
journey to ashkenaz (in the heart and soul series) (presented by michael goldfarb)

”Presenter Michael Goldfarb goes on a journey to the heart of Ashkenaz to find traces of his family’s life …”

including contributions from …
eli farkas
• professor anna misyuk
abraham wolff, chief rabbi of south ukraine
nadia gochman of tikva, a children’s charity in odessa
• musician natalya vakchinska
• professor yaroslav hrytsak
• historian olena andronati

Jewish Odessa

tuesday 15th may, 6.47-6.51pm, on bbc 2 tv
kiev to odessa, part 2 (presented by michael portillo) (episode 2 of series 6 in the great continental railway journeys series) includes …

“Michael explores Odessa, a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with French, Italian, Russian and Jewish influences.
At the city’s Great Synagogue, he hears how the once sizeable Jewish population is beginning to recover after the violent pogroms of the 19th and early 20th centuries and the Holocaust.”
“They made about 30% of the city’s population.”

including interview with …
• senior rabbi refael kruskal

Story of the Jews 4

this evening (tuesday 24th), 9.00-10.00pm, on bbc 4 tv (repeated from september 2013 on bbc 2):
the story of the jews: over the rainbow (episode 4 of 5)

FOOC: Brodsky Synagogue

yesterday morning (thursday 2nd), 11.14-11.20am, on bbc radio 4
from our own correspondent (presented by kate adie) includes …

Caroline Eden explores the Brodsky synagogue in Odessa and sifts through its archive which tells of controversies old and new


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