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Witness: Pieter Menten

yesterday morning (monday 18th), 8.50-9.00am, on bbc world service radio

the millionaire nazi war criminal (presented by alex last) (in the witness series)

“The story of how one of the wealthiest men in the Netherlands was exposed as a Nazi war criminal. In the 1970s, Pieter Menten was a respected art dealer, but it was revealed that during the Second World War, he had led mass killings in eastern Poland. We hear from • Dutch journalist, Hans Knoop, whose investigation into Menten caused a national scandal and finally led to the millionaire’s arrest.”


Newshour: Netherlands railway

this evening (wednesday 28th), 9.36-9.42pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by tim franks) includes …

The Netherlands’ state-run rail company has agreed to compensate Holocaust survivors and their relatives for transporting Jews to a Nazi transit camp.”

including interview with …
• professor liesbeth zegfveld, human rights lawyer

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