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Marcel Reich-Ranicki

tomorrow afternoon (friday 5th), 1.45-2.00pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated from 2012)
shakespeare goes global (presented by neil macgregor) (last of 20 episodes in the shakespeare’s restless world series)

“On the 22nd of July 1942, the German SS announced that all the Jews in Warsaw would, in the euphemism of the day, be resettled to the camp at Treblinka. It was, effectively, a death sentence.
… 22-year-old Marcel Reich-Ranicki was one of those exemptions. Now, over 90 years old, and Germany’s leading literary critic, he told his story to the German parliament in January 2012. A German-Polish Jew, he was working for the Judenrat, the council of Jews set up by the Nazis. He had no wife or children, but he was engaged, and he realised that if he acted straight away, he could prevent his fiancee from being resettled. He must marry her at once. … ‘I still remember the Shakespearean line that occurred to me at the time, “Was ever woman in this humour wooed?” ‘ … At this time of extreme need, the only words this German Pole found were Shakespeare’s.”



The new German Jews

tomorrow morning (thursday 6th), 9.45-10.00am, on bbc radio 4 (repeated 7.45pm and 12.30am)
the new german jews (in the germany: memories of a nation series) (more…)

At the Buchenwald gate

tomorrow morning (friday 31st), 9.45-10.00am, on bbc radio 4 (repeated at 7.45pm)
at the buchenwald gate (in the germany: memories of a nation series)

Neil MacGregor visits Buchenwald, one of the earliest and largest concentration camps.”


Germany: money in crisis

this evening (wednesday 29th), 7.45-8.00pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated from 9.45am)
money in crisis (in the germany: memories of a nation series): neil macgregor concludes with …

(0:12:34) “This hundred million mark banknote here in the British museum was preserved and then turned into an election leaflet in 1927. On the reverse, overprinted, is an anti-semitic cartoon:
A huge radiant swastika hangs in the sky, as in front of it cowers the caricature of a Jewish financier with hook nose and huge grasping hands. There’s text first in Yiddish and then in German: “Germans, with this scrap of paper the Jew has cheated you out of your honest money. Give him your answer, vote Verkischsocial”, a party closely aligned to the Nazis.

In Nazi ideology, it was not just the German economy that was threatened by the Jews, so was every aspect of German society …”


Germany’s degenerate art

tomorrow morning (thursday 30th), 9.45-10.00am, on bbc radio 4 (repeated at 7.45pm)
purging the degenerate (in the germany: memories of a nation series)

Neil MacGregor examines how the Nazis attacked art they viewed as ‘entartet‘ – degenerate.


The Walhalla

this morning (thursday 9th), 9.45-10.00am, on bbc radio 4
the walhalla: hall of heroes with neil macgregor (4th of 30 episodes of germany: memories of a nation) (more…)

Germany: Memories of a nation (30 episodes)

every weekday morning for 6 weeks (monday 29th september to friday 7th november), 9.45-10.00am, on bbc radio 4
germany: memories of a nation (30 episodes)

Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum, begins his series examining 600 years of German history through objects
… a 30 part series which reveals the profound influence of Germany’s history, culture and inventiveness across Europe, as well as the catastrophic events of the 20th century.”
(#1, 0:04:44) “There is of course one memory which dominates all others, the holocaust, the systematic murder by the Nazi regime, with the connivance and complicity of many of its citizens, of millions of Jews, in Germany and across Nazi-occupied Europe.”
(#1, 0:05:24) “The scale of this monument, like the scale of the events it commemorates, is ungraspable: it cannot be measured, only acknowledged. Every aspect of German history has to be considered in the context of this event. Every memory we shall explore in these programmes stands in its shadow.”


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