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Labour conference: Israel

last tuesday afternoon (25th september), 2.48-3.02pm, 3.39-3.42pm, 3.55-3.58pm, 4.09-4.12pm, 4.27-4.31pm, 4.49-4.42pm, 4.55-4.59pm, and 5.05-5.08pm, on bbc parliament tv
labour party conference: live afternoon session 25/9/2018 includes …

Contemporary composite 9: Palestine (demanding an independent international investigation into the “use of force against Palestinian demonstrators”, a freeze on UK arms sales to Israel and an end to the “blockade and closure” of Gaza)

including speeches by …
colin monehen, harlow momentum
zahid ali, wolverhampton
sarah jane potter, stevenage, councillor
mansoor ayub, wycombe
hilary wise, centre for palestine studies, soas
ali ahmed, cardiff
claire lees, liverpool momentum, ken livingstone supporter
steve lapsley, derby, jewish labour movement
jess finn, north-east herts
(conference procedure made a balanced debate impossible: the chair, before calling each speaker, did not even know which of four ‘composites’ – including brexit, paestine, and windrush – they intended to speak on, let alone on which side)
(as the jewish news commented: “No speaker referred to Hamas, terrorism or made any demands of the Palestinian leadership during the debate.”)
(if you missed it, available from 0:33:23 to 0:47:00, from 1:23:58 to 1:26:40. from 1:40:24 to 1:43:10. from 1:53:45 to 1:57:10. from 2:11:50 to 2:15:50. from 2:34:03 to 2:37:15. from 2:39:44 to 2:43:45. and from 2:49:40 to 2:53:05. at

Balfour Declaration

BBC bias: as usual, this Balfour critique makes no mention of the Balfour promise that “nothing shall be done which may prejudice … the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country – broken by the expulsion of 850,000 Jews from Arab countries
BBC bias: it includes, at 0:41:25 (without commentary), France 2’s notorious “Muhammad Al Durrah Incident” footage

yesterday evening (tuesday 31st), 9.00-10.00pm, on bbc 2
the balfour declaration: britain’s promise to the holy land (presented by bbc reporter jane corbin, a descendant of leo amery) (in the this world series)
including interviews with …
yudit slotsky, 96, and ruth slotsky, 91
amnon shashua, professor of computer science, and founder of mobileye
yisrael meir lau, former askenazi chief rabbi of israel
• former palestinian prime minister abu ala
yitzhak rabin
yassir arafat
• oslo negotiator yossi beilin
• dr mahmoud al zahar, co-founder of hamas
gila fenton, israeli living in nahal oz, half a mile from gaza
lenny goldberg, follower of meir kahane
• journalist asma algoul of gaza (more…)

Bowen on history

[despite the bbc’s introduction, this programme is jeremy bowen’s comprehensice partial history of the israel/palestine conflict]
this afternoon (friday 19th), 1.45-2.00pm, on bbc radio 4
crossing the divide (6th of 15 episodes of the our man in the middle east series)

“BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen was only trying to warm his home during the winter in Jerusalem. During the process, he discovered that the Palestinians are even at loggerheads over simple things like heating.
‘It’s a place where the conflict is always in your face. So is religion,’ he says.”


Newshour: Holocaust and Naqba

this afternoon (wednesday 27th), 2.20-2.23pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by james menendez) includes …

“The International Prize for Arabic Fiction has just been awarded, it’s worth $50,00, and the recipient this year is the British Palestinian writer Rabai al-Madhoun for his novel called Destinies: Concerto of the Holocaust and the Naqba
“My question is how these victims see those victims from the other side … we cannot justify this by this, you cannot justify the occupation and stealing that land by saying that they had the holocaust and they are the victim of our problem.”


Will they always hate us?

last monday evening (9th november), 8.30-9.00pm, on bbc radio 4
will they always hate us? (presented by david edmonds) (in the analysis series)

“The Middle East conflict and other long-running international disputes have so far proved incapable of resolution by war or traditional diplomacy. So are the parties fated always to hate each other? Or might there be another approach that could be worth trying?
David Edmonds explores new ideas that psychologists are testing which could offer a way of tackling seemingly intractable disputes. These include understanding the real importance of sacred sites and how to negotiate about them, how to achieve empathy with opponents and the importance of how different sides understand historical events and how these then lastingly shape how different groups view each other.”
(Edmonds 0:05:10) “So too does owning up to past wrongs, and recognising aspects of the other group’s identity.
“The Naqba, or the Catastrophe. It’s the name the Palestinians give to their exodus.from the land they regard as their home, as the state of Israel was being formed.. The Naqba is as central to Palestinians’ identity as the Holocaust is to Israeli Jews’.

including contributions from …
• professor of psychology eran halperin
• anthropologist scott atran
• professor of psychology betsy levy paluck
hanan ashrawi
• middle east envoy george mitchell
• neursocientist nick wright (more…)

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