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sunday night (28th september), 11.30pm-12.00, on bbc radio 4
may his memory be a blessing (in the something understood series)

Within the Jewish tradition, it’s common to use the honorific ‘may his memory be a blessing’ when writing of the dead.
The composer Michael Zev Gordon uses this phrase to reflect on the idea that so much of what we are is locked in memory, but that we only grasp this fully when it starts to slip away.
He draws on writings by Proust and W.G.Sebald, poems by Carol Ann Duffy and Marjorie Agosin, and musical excerpts from JS Bach, Thomas Ades, Robert Schumann, his own piano piece entitled ‘On Memory‘ and the music hall song that was one of his father’s last triggers to memory and identity, ‘Daisy Bell‘.”


Maureen Lipman: Memory

tomorow night (thursday night/friday morning), 12.20-1.20am, on bbc 2:
Maureen Lipman: If Memory Serves Me Right (more…)

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