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John Bercow

this afternoon (sunday 15th), 5.40-5.55pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated from 5.45am and from 7.00pm yesterday)

john bercow (presented by mark coles) (in the profile series)

“The life story of Commons Speaker John Bercow


Profile: Oliver Letwin

this afternoon (sunday 31st), 5.40-5.55pm (repeated from 7.00pm yesterday), on bbc radio 4 

oliver letwin (presented by mark coles) (in the profile series)

“The Conservative MP Sir Oliver Letwin made headlines this week when he persuaded the Commons to try to agree an alternative plan for Brexit. Mark Coles profiles the member for West Dorset, who has previously been in the news for – among other things – accidentally letting burglars into his home.”


Profile: Rob Goldstone

yesterday afternoon (sunday 16th), 5.40-5.55pm, on bbc radio 4
rob goldstone (presented by mark coles) (in the profile series) (more…)

Newshour: Raichel and Golazin

this evening (saturday 25th), 9.13-9.19pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by julian marshall) includes …

Musicians from two countries normally regarded as bitter enemies will take to the stage together in London tomorrow”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter mark coles
• israeli pianist idan raichel
• iranian singer golazin (more…)

Profile: Lord Dubs

last sunday afternoon (8th may), 5.40-5.55pm, on bbc radio 4
lord dubs (presented by mark coles) (in the profile series)

“Born in 1932, Alfred Dubs came to the UK as a 6 year old, from Czechoslovakia on the ‘Kindertransport’.
He studied at the London School of Economics and had a career in marketing, before working as a local councillor. He was elected as an MP in 1979.
This spring he introduced an amendment, in the House of Lords, to the government’s immigration bill. He called on David Cameron to allow 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children into the UK from Europe. This week, the Prime Minister agreed to allow some children to enter.
Friends and political opponents describe Lord Dubs as persuasive and determined. The programme speaks to friends, tennis partners and those who’ve been dragged up mountains by him.”

including contributions from …
frank judd
diane hayter
john o’farrell of spitting image
barbara winton, daughter of sir nicholas winton
david hume, neighbour
• sir roger gale mp
(if you missed it, available at


tomorrow evening (saturday 29th), 7.00-7.30pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated sunday 5.40pm)
noah with mark coles (in the profile series) (more…)

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