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H&S: Journey to Ashkenaz

this afternoon (friday 5th), 1.32-2.00pm, on bbc world service radio (repeated 2.32am, 9.32am, and 11.32pm, tomorrow)
journey to ashkenaz (in the heart and soul series) (presented by michael goldfarb)

”Presenter Michael Goldfarb goes on a journey to the heart of Ashkenaz to find traces of his family’s life …”

including contributions from …
eli farkas
• professor anna misyuk
abraham wolff, chief rabbi of south ukraine
nadia gochman of tikva, a children’s charity in odessa
• musician natalya vakchinska
• professor yaroslav hrytsak
• historian olena andronati

Newshour: art returned

yesterday evening (sunday 26th), 9.37-9.43pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by james coomarasamy) includes …

“The son of a senior Nazi official has returned three stolen works of art to their rightful owners. He is 78-year-old Horst Wachter, the son of Otto Wachter, the wartime governor of Cracow.”


Smw: Phillipe Sands

this morning (sunday 2nd), 10.03-10.45am, on bbc radio scotland
sunday morning with … (presented by sally magnusson) includes …

“Lawyer and writer Phillipe Sands talks to Sally Magnusson about the emotional journey he went on to uncover his family’s tragic past in Germany.”

(if you miss it, available from 0:03:30 to 0:45:00 at

In Darkness (2011)

sunday evening (27th july), 9.45pm-12.00, on bbc 4 tv (freeview channel 9)
in darkness (in polish, subtitled, 2011)

In Darkness is a dramatization of a factual rescue of Jewish refugees.
For over a year, a Polish Catholic sewer maintenance worker and burglar, Leopold Socha – along with his friend and coworker Szczepek Wróblewski – hid and cared for a group of hunted Polish Jews who had escaped the massacres and deportations during the liquidation of the Lwów Ghetto, at first helping them in exchange for daily payment, but then continuing to do so long after the Jews’ money had run out, and aiding them had become ever more dangerous.”


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