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The Six Day War: 2 (Libya!)

the bbc presents a view of the six day war “from both sides” without mentioning any military action or threat by the arab states, and without any israeli input at all:
last sunday evening (21st june), 8.18-8.28pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710 or 107)
the history hour (presented by max pearson) includes …

(last week, at 0:27:02) “Of course, this is a deeply controversial topic, with highly charged views on both sides. So, for obvious reasons, we’re going to hear from both sides. Next week: the Israeli view. But right now, Louise Hidalgo hears from two Palestinians about their memories of that time.”
“Next, as promised last week, we’re going to get a second personal view of the Arab-Israeli Six Day War in June 1967. We’ve already heard a graphic account of the Palestinian experience of the conflict, which pitted the Jewish state against the armed forces of Egypt Jordan and Syria.
So it’s only right and proper that we hear now from the other side, and that other side doesn’t just mean those living in Israel, there was at the time a Jewish population scattered throughout the Middle East and beyond. Louise Hidalgo has been talking to someone from the Jewish community in Tripoli, who was forced to flee when anti-Jewish riots broke out in Libya.”

including interview with …
lilianna suroor
(if you missed it, available from 0:13:30 to 0:23:00 at or at

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