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BBC on life expectancy in Gaza

in an interview about black deaths in america, a guardian journalist feels it necessary to use gaza as a standard of comparison for life expectancy, and the bbc, instead of disassociating itself, accepts it as startlingly appropriate

(for life expectancy in uk, gaza, egypt, jordan, etc, see…,…)

yesterday morning (saturday 24th), 8.46-8.51am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by sarah montague) includes interview with …
gary younge, editor-at-large for the guardian and author of another day in the death of america

“(1:48:50) When you have communities with the exceptional amounts of poverty that they do, a black man’s life expectancy in DC is lower than a man’s life expectancy on the Gaza Strip.”
Seriously? Sorry, that’s a startling statistic if it’s true.”
“Absolutely, according to CIA figures about life expectancy on the Gaza strip, and the Government’s figures on black life expectancy in DC, that’s certainly true the last time I looked.”

(if you missed it, available from 1:46:30 to 1:51:30 ar

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