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Today: Team Samosas

this morning (tuesday 20th), 8.50-8.57am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by sarah montague) includes …

“After events like the Finsbury Park attack, faith groups tend to unite, sharing in grief and prayer. Is this form of communication effective in reducing segregation between communities?
Toby Howarth is the Bishop of Bradford, • Imam Irfan Chisti is the Imam at a Manchester city mosque and • Laura Janner-Klausner is a senior rabbi to Reform Judaism.”

(if you missed it, available from 2:50:15 to 2:57:15 at

Today: Janner exonerated?

last monday morning (29th may), 7.16-7.21am, and 8.36 to 8.42am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by john humphrys) includes …

“The family of the late Labour peer Lord Janner, who has been the subject of child sex abuse allegations, say that six of his accusers have withdrawn their allegations, and that that proves he has been exonerated.”

including contributions from …
peter garsden, president of the association of family abuse lawyers
• bbc reporter tom symonds
• rabbi laura janner-klausner, daughter of lord janner (more…)

Tftd: Janner-Klausner 23/2/2017

this morning (thursday 23ed), 7.50-7.53am, on bbc radio 4
thought for the day, by rabbi laura janner-klausner (more…)

Tftd: Janner-Klausner on Lionel Blue

last tuesday morning (20th december), 7.47-7.50am, on bbc radio 4
thought for the day, by rabbi laura janner-klausner

In memory of Rabbi Lionel Blue:
… Lionel loved the Monday slot on Thought for the Day because opening a new week was his chance to tackle Monday blues, to bring wisdom and a healthy dose of Jewish humour into our lives when we need it most …”


Lashon hara

6th october 2014, on bbc world service radio
bbc trending includes …

Lashon hara on the internet is like a weapon of mass destruction.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter india rakusen
michael rothschild
• rabbi laura janner-klausner (more…)

Sunday: state religion

yesterday morning (sunday 31st), 7.39-7.47am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by edward stourton) includes …

“Live from the Living Islam Festival, • Rabbi Laura Janner Klausner, Senior Rabbi to the Movement for Reform Judaism, and • Sughra Ahmed, Chair of the Islamic Society of Britain, debate whether or not Christianity deserves its place as the state religion.”


Tftd: Laura Janner-Klausner 21/6/2016

last thursday morning (21st june), 7.47-7.50am, on bbc radio 4
thought for the day, by rabbi laura janner-klausner

“Caleb Joshua and Major Peake model how we can reassess our reactions so that we can experience the blackest black as tranquility instead of turbulence.”


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