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B100d: Soleimani killed

yesterday evening (monday 6th), 7.37-7.42pm, on bbc news tv

beyond 100 days (presented by christian fraser and katty kay) includes …

“The Israeli Chief of Staff, General Kochavi, used his Christmas Day message to the Israelis to say that they needed to prepare for a limited but intense war against Iran. So is the killing of General Soleimani in that context?”

including interview with  …

sharren haskel mk


B100d: Omar & Tlaib banned

this evening (thursday 15th), 7.00-7.08pm, on bbc news tv 

beyond 100 days (presented by katty kay and david eades) leads with …

Donald Trump urges Israel to bar two American congresswomen, and Israel does what the President wants.”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter tom bateman 

• bbc reporter chris buckler 


B100d: Jack Straw on Labour

this evening (thursday 11th), 7.11-7.13pm, and 7.35-7.38pm, on bbc news tv 

beyond 100 days (prsented by christian fraser and katty kay) includes …

The Labour Party’s response – I think it’s pathetic, what they’re trying to do is to denigrate the witnesses rather than to take seriously the evidence of the witnessses, which were very very powerful … They’re very defensive for very good reason, they’ve never taken the issue seriously, I don’t think all of them are anti-semitic themselves, but what they are guilty of is at best complacency about anti-semitism, not understanding that it is as racist to be anti-semitic towards somebody who is of the Jewish faith as it is to be racist towards somebody who’s black or asian. They don’t get that, and critically they conflate concern about the way the Israeli governments in recent years have treated the Palestinians, which let me say I and many Israeli Jews share, into a trope against people of the Jewish faith and against the existence of Israel. And that’s where Jeremy Corbyn I think is, and has led to this terrible permissive regime.”

including contributions from …

jack straw mp

• bbc reporter john pienaar

chris williamson mp

tom watson mp


B100d: New elections

this evening (thursday 30th), 7.09-7.13pm, on bbc news tv

beyond 100 days (presented by katty kay and christian fraser) includes …

“Never before in the 71-year history of Israel has an election failed to deliver a government. But it has now … But at the heart of the impasse was a disagreement over military conscription exemptions for ultra-orthodox Jewish students.”

including interview with … 

michael oren, former mk


B100d: Kushner schedule

this evening (tuesday 28th), 7.37-7.41pm (repeated 7.37pm wednesday), on bbc news tv

beyond 100 days (presented by katty kay and christian fraser) includes …

“White House senior adviser Jared Kushner will meet top foreign officials in Morocco Jordan Israel this week before unveiling the economic part of his Israeli-Palestinian peace plan at a conference next month.”

including report from  …

• bbc reporter barbara plett-usher


B100d: Netanyahu and peace

this evening (wednesday 10th), 7.20-7.24pm, on bbc news tv

beyond 100 days (presented by katty kay) includes …

President Trump says election results in Israel increase the chances of a peace plan for the region.”

including interview with …

• bbc reporter lyse doucet


B100d: Today’s elections

this evening (tuesday 9th), 7.16-7.20pm, on bbc news tv

beyond 100 days (presented by katty kay and christian fraser) includes …

“Whatever Israelis choose in their election today, one thing is indisputable, they haven’t lacked for choice: there are a whopping 47 different political parties competing in this vote. It is the closest-fought election in Israel in years, which means it’s also been particularly aggressive, and sometimes quite a dirty campaign.”

including report from …

• bbc reporter lyse doucet


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