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HMD: Weekend: Albania

this morning (sunday 27th), 8.09-8.17am, on bbc world service radio
weekend (presented by julian worricker) leads with …

“As people around the world will mark Holocaust Memorial Day, we’ll bring you the story of how a small Jewish community survived in Albania, a Nazi-occupied corner of Europe, saved by their Muslim neighbours and friends.”

including contributions from …
felicita yakoel, president, albania-israel friendship society
timandra harkness, a british science writer and broadcaster
tom rivers, london correspondent for US ABC network


LW: Aaron Klug

this evening (sunday 30th), 8.17-8.23pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated from 4.17pm friday)
last word (obituary programme, presented by julian worricker) includes …

“The Nobel prize winning scientist, Professor Sir Aaron Klug, credited with ground-breaking work on the structure of viruses.
Born 11 August 1926; died 20 November 2018, aged 92.”

including interviews with …
• son, professor david klug
• nobel laureate richard henderson

Weekend/Today: Australia & Jerusalem

this morning (saturday 15th), 6.16-6.21am on bbc world service radio, and 7.05-7.07am (repeated 8.05am) on bbc radio 4
weekend (presented by julian worricker) and today (presented by justin webb and nick robinson) include …

Australia has recognised West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but it won’t be moving its embassy from Tel Aviv at this stage.”

including contributions from …
• former australian ambassador to israel dave sharma
• bbc reporter phil mercer
(see also

Weekend: Kindertransport 80

this morning (sunday 2nd), 7.33-7.40am (repeated 1.20pm and 9.51pm on newshour), on bbc world service radio
weekend (presented by julian worricker) leads with …

“The 80th anniversary of the transportation of Jewish children from Nazi Germany to the UK, we hear from Ruth Barnett, who arrived as a 4 year old.”

including contributions from …
ruth barnett, born 1935, berlin
• historian alex von tunzelmann
• journalist richard mcgregor

Newshour: Waldheim film

this afternoon (sunday 18th), 1.51-1.55pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by julian marshall) includes …

In 1986, Austria elected a man as president who stood accused of being involved in killing and deporting Jews during the war …. A new film documents the accusations against Kurt Waldheim: it came apparent during the presidential campaign that he hadn’t been completely honest in his autobiography about his time as an offce in the German army. The film is called ’The Waldheim Waltz’, and it’s being shown at the UK Jewish Film Festival here in London.”

including interview by julian worricker with …
• director ruth beckermann

Newshour: Gaza violence 12/10/2018

last friday evening (12th october), 10.05-10.06pm (repeated 12.18-12.19am on midnight news), on bbc radio 4
the world tonight (presented by julian worricker) includes …

“Health officials in Gaza say 7 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli troops during protests on the border with Israel, Around 250 people were injured. The demonstrations, involving around 1000 Palestinians, have prompted the Israeli defence minister Avigdor Lieberman to order an immediate halt in fuel deliveries to Gaza.”

including report from …
• bbc reporter yolande knell

6ocn/Twt: Corbyn ‘From Auschwitz to Gaza’

this evening (thursday 2nd), 6.00pm, 6.11-6.12pm, and 10.03-10.04pm, on bbc radio 4

six o’clock news and the world tonight (presented by julian worricker) include …

A Jewish museum has refused to let Jeremy Corbyn make a speech on its premises because of the controversy over anti-semitism.”

including reports from …
• bbc reporter norman smith
• bbc reporter susana mendonca

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