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Nn: Sacks on coronavirus

yesterday evening (tuesday 17th), 11.11-11.16pm, on bbc 2 tv 

newsnight (presented by emily maitlis) concludes wth …

“We turn to Jonathan Sacks, former Chief Rabbi, who’s written a how-to guide on restoring the common good in divided times, called Morality.”

including interview with … 

• former chief rabbi jonathan sacks 


STW: Sacks on morality

this morning (monday 9th), 9.26-9.33am (shortened repeat 9.30pm), on bbc radio 4 

start the week (presented by andrew marr) includes …

Morality has been outsourced to the markets and the state, argues • the former Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, in his new book Morality: restoring the common good in divided times.

He tells Andrew Marr that society has become deeply divided, and that today’s challenges will never be met until we remember the importance of personal morality and responsibility. But this does not mean self-care, self-love and selfies – instead Sacks says we should focus on communities and caring for others.”


Tftd: Sacks 14/2/2020

this morning (friday 14th), 7.49-7.52am, on bbc radio 4

thought for the day, by former chief rabbi lord sacks

“It’s love that guides our feet along the path to joy.”


Tftd: Sacks 28/11/2019

this morning (thursday 28th), 7.49-7.52am, on bbc radio 4

thought for the day, by former chief rabbi lord sacks

Asma Shuweikh, the lady in the train, who later said I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again, chose not to be a bystander but to confront racism head-on. Her quiet courage should be a model for us all.”


Tftd: Sacks 21/11/2019

this morning (thursday 21st), 7.47-7.50am, on bbc radio 4

thought for the day, by former chief rabbi lord sacks

“We should always heed the inner voice we call conscience, it’s there to guide us from principle to practice, it’s our satellite navigation system as we chart our course through the wilderness of time. Being honest to others is the best way of being honest to ourselves.”


Tftd: Sacks on Humphrys

On John Humphrys’ last day presenting Today, Rabbi Lord Sacks appears to have been chosen specially to say goodbye to him …

this morning (thursday 19th), 7.46-7.49am, on bbc radio 4

thought for the day, by former chief rabbi lord sacks

We don’t have prophets nowadays, but if we did, one place you’d probably find them would be the Today programme, because today’s tough interviewers are recognisably in that tradition of holding power accountable to truth, and among them for me, and for many others, John Humphrys has been one of the best for our time …

He’s taught me that honest doubt can be more powerful than dishonest faith.” 

(if you missed it, available from 1:46:20 to 1:49:30 at, or soon with transcript at

HL: Anti-Semitism

thursday 20th june, 5.30-7.59pm, on bbc parliament tv

house of lords 20/6/2019: anti-semitism

“That this House takes note of the incidence of anti-Semitism worldwide”

speeches by lord
or baroness …
Berridge (C)
Harris (Lab)
Ludford (LD)
Pickles (C)
Bishop of Chester
Leigh (C)
Parekh (Lab)
Alton (XB)
Finkelstein (C)
Dykes (XB)
Warsi (C)
Campbell-Savours (Lab)
Harries (XB)
Polak (C)
Mitchell (XB)
Sheikh (C)
Sacks (XB)
Altmann (Lab)
Singh (XB)
Shinkwin (C)
Gold (C)
Palmer (LD)
Collins (Lab)
Ahmad (C)

(transcript at

(if you missed it, available at

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