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AQ: Labour anti-semitism

last friday evening (23rd september), 8.16-8.27pm, on bbc radio 4
any questions (chaired by jonathan dimbleby), with shami chakrabarti, tim farron, harsimrat kaur, and brandon lewis, includes …

“Is it right that Jeremy Corbyn, supposedly a man of prinicple and honour, should preside over a party where a Jewish Labour MP feels the need for personal protection when attending her own party’s conference?

Chakrabarti completely avoids answering the question, and diminishes the issue of anti-semitism in Labour by:
(i) saying it’s not just in the Labour Party,
(ii) treating it equally with “instability toxicity and misogyny“,
(iii) rambling about sandwiches, “stepping-up”, and party history, and
(iv) pleading “please don’t demonise every member of Momentum and call them anti-semitic

(Chakrabarti: 0:14:50) …



Any Questions: anti-semitism

yesterday evening (friday 29th), 8.02-8.21pm, on bbc radio 4
any questions (chaired by david dimbleby) leads with …

Can you be anti-Israel without being anti-semitic?

with …
jon ashworth, shadow minister without portfolio
claire fox, director of the institute of ideas
chris grayling, leader of the house
john nicolson mp (snp) (more…)

Any Questions: Gaza

last friday evening (25th july), 8.00-8.50pm on bbc radio 4
any questions chaired by jonathan dimbleby, with greg dyke, dan hannan mep, journalist justine picardie, and susan kramer, answer …

(0:33:00) “If you lived in Gaza, would you fire a rocket?”

interesting that the bbc’s former director-general (greg dyke) voices two classic anti-semitic lies – that anyone criticising israel is automatically accused of anti-semitism, and that jews control american politics – in a strange and slightly rambling speech that had little to do with the question but that he obviously felt so strongly about that he couldn’t stop himself …

(0:37:05)The problem is if you criticise Israel, you are by certain sections of the Jewish community around the world immediately accused of being anti-semitic – which I am not in any way! – and we have got to overcome, you look at why is the American repsonse always so limited, why do the Americans actually? Because they’re scared of the Jewish community, of the Jewish vote in America, we somehow have got to separate the concept of anti-semitism and supporting an Israeli government that I think is not supportable or just and doing things that are not justifiable.

are these theories still prevalent in bbc management? (more…)

Any Questions: Gaza

yesterday evening (friday 11th), 8.00-8.50pm on bbc radio 4
any questions chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby, with nicola sturgeon msp, rory stewart mp, jim murphy mp, and journalist lesley riddoch, answer …

“The Scottish government has called for an end to the blockade in Gaza, whilst David Cameron has pledged his unequivocal support for Israel. Which approach is better?”


Shechita: Any Questions?

friday evening (7th march), 8.00-8.50pm on bbc radio 4
any questions with jonathan dimbleby, danny alexander mp, stephen dorrell mp, caroline flint mp, and louise bours includes “should religious views override animal welfare?

Louise Bours (UKIP): “To eat meat, we have to kill livestock, they have to be killed in as humane a way as possibly can be, do we want to stun an animal before we kill the animal, or do we go with the moslem and jewish communities who believe that ritual slaughter is actually the most humane way?
I don’t think it’s something we can really legislate either for or against at all …
So what I would like to see is a choice for people: if we label things correctly, maybe then people can choose how their meat was dealt with when it was slaughtered, halal or non-halal: i think that is the way to go.” (more…)

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