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FOOC: Belsen 75

this morning (saturday 18th), 11.37–11.42am, on bbc radio 4 

from our own correspondent (presented by kate adie) includes …

Richard Dimbleby’s report from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, liberated by British troops seventy-five years ago, remains one of the most remarkable broadcasts ever. It was a revelation as he carefully detailed the horrific reality of the Nazi’s ‘final solution’. His son Jonathan recently returned to the camp with film maker Simon Broughton and survivor Tomi Reichental.”


Return to Belsen

last tuesday evening (7th april), 9.00-9.55pm (repeated 10.45pm thursday), on itv  

return to belsen (presented by jonathan dimbleby

Jonathan Dimbleby travels to Belsen with survivors, liberators and locals, following in the footsteps of his father Richard Dimbleby, whose 1945 radio report shocked the world and unmasked the true horror of the concentration camps.”

including contributions from survivors (with age at liberation) …

anita lasker-wallfisch, 19

eva behar, 19, and • daughter laura kaye 

tomi reichental, 10

shraga milstein, 12

zdenka fantlova, 23, author of the tin ring 

mala tribich, 14 

mady gerrard, 14 

liora danielle, daughter of survivor

and liberators

ian forsyth, corporal, 14th armoured division, 96

bernard levy, corporal, 94

• dr nigel miller, son of liberator major nathaniel miller ramc

and historians

• professor rainer schulze 

• bergen-belsen historian stephanie billib 

saqib malik, british history schoolteacher

and • the voice of richard dimbleby

(if you missed it, available without adverts at


AQ: Labour anti-semitism

this evening (friday 31st), 8.03-8.18pm, on bbc radio 4 

any questions (chaired by jonathan dimbleby, with panellists • layla moran mp, belinda de lucy mep, lord falconer, and jeremy wright mp) leads with …

“Is it right that members of a political party can make anti-semitic comments and not be expelled, but if you vote once for another party, you are gone immediately?”


AQ: Jerusalem

yesterday evening (friday 6th), 8.21-8.31pm (repeated 1.29pm today), on bbc radio 4
any questions (chaired by jonathan dimbleby at westminster synagogue, with • martin lewis, • baroness deech, • maria caulfield mp, and • chuka umunna mp) includes …

Why doesn’t the UK move its embassy to Jerusalem?


AQ: Ken Livingstone

yesterday evening (friday 25th), 8.39-8.48pm (repeated 1.47pm today), on bbc radio 4
any questions (chaired by jonathan dimbleby, with • lisa nandy mp, • damian hinds mp, • economist paul mason, and • historian ruth dudley edwards mp)`concludes with …

“Was Jeremy Corbyn right to allow Ken Livingstone to resign from the Labour Party, rather than expelling him?”


AQ: Israel and anti-semitism

last friday evening (13th april), 8.22-8.34pm (repeated 1.30pm saturday), on bbc radio 4
any questions (chaired by jonathan dimbleby, with • caroline flint mp, • lord patten, • caroline lucas mp, and • peter hitchens) includes …

Can you criticise Israel without being anti-Semitic?”


AQ: Jerusalem reaction

last friday evening (8th december), 10.31-10.39pm, on bbc radio 4
any questions (chaired by jonathan dimbleby) (with • american commentator kate andrews • broadcaster richard baconbernard jenkin mp, conservative • owen smith mp, labour • liz saville-roberts mp, plaid cymri) includes…

Will moving the US embassy to Jerusalem improve the chances of Middle East peace?


AQ: Trump and Hitler?

yesterday afternoon (saturday 11th), 1.24-1.37pm, on bbc radio 4
any questions (chaired by jonathan dimbleby) includes …

“Do comparisons of Trump to Hitler, besides being juvenile and historically inaccurate, threaten to trivialise the unique evil of the Holocaust?


AQ: settlements

last friday evening (3rd fenruary), 8.17-8.25pm (repeated 1.27pm yesterday afternoon), on bbc radio 4
any questions (chaired by jonathan dimbleby) includes …

“When Theresa May meets the Israeli prime minister on Monday, does the panel believe that she will make it clear that there wil be no new trade deals with Britain unless Israel complies with international law?

with panellists …
• former cabinet minister stephen crabb
• shadow defence secretary nia griffith
• sir emyr jones parry, Chancellor of University of Aberystwyth
• former diplomat, and leader of plaid cymru, leanne wood (more…)

AQ: Labour anti-semitism

last friday evening (23rd september), 8.16-8.27pm, on bbc radio 4
any questions (chaired by jonathan dimbleby), with shami chakrabarti, tim farron, harsimrat kaur, and brandon lewis, includes …

“Is it right that Jeremy Corbyn, supposedly a man of prinicple and honour, should preside over a party where a Jewish Labour MP feels the need for personal protection when attending her own party’s conference?

Chakrabarti completely avoids answering the question, and diminishes the issue of anti-semitism in Labour by:
(i) saying it’s not just in the Labour Party,
(ii) treating it equally with “instability toxicity and misogyny“,
(iii) rambling about sandwiches, “stepping-up”, and party history, and
(iv) pleading “please don’t demonise every member of Momentum and call them anti-semitic

(Chakrabarti: 0:14:50) …


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