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Tftd: Sacks on Humphrys

On John Humphrys’ last day presenting Today, Rabbi Lord Sacks appears to have been chosen specially to say goodbye to him …

this morning (thursday 19th), 7.46-7.49am, on bbc radio 4

thought for the day, by former chief rabbi lord sacks

We don’t have prophets nowadays, but if we did, one place you’d probably find them would be the Today programme, because today’s tough interviewers are recognisably in that tradition of holding power accountable to truth, and among them for me, and for many others, John Humphrys has been one of the best for our time …

He’s taught me that honest doubt can be more powerful than dishonest faith.” 

(if you missed it, available from 1:46:20 to 1:49:30 at, or soon with transcript at

Today: Exit polls

this morning (wednesday 18th), 6.01-6.02am, 6.10-6.13am,  6.48-6.53am, 7.00-7.03am, 8.00-8.02am, and 8.35-8.42am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by mishal husain and john humphrys) leads with …

Exit polls from Israel’s second general election in five months suggest another inconclusive result, with the two main parties failing to win enough seats to form a government.”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter tom bateman

benny gantz

avigdor lieberman

• likud spokesman eli hazan 

• bbc reporter jeremy bowen

sharren haskel mk


Today: Today’s election

this morning (tuesday 17th), 8.06-8.08am, and 8.51-8.54am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by john humphrys) includes …

Israelis are voting in their second election in five months, in what’s expected to be a tight race between the country’s longest-serving prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and a centrist alliance, Blue and White. Many observers see the poll as a referendum on Mr Netanyahu, who faces the possibility of being indicted on corruption charges.”

including reports from …

• bbc reporter tom bateman


Today/Nh: Renia’s Diary

this morning (wednesday 11th), 8.22-8.27am, on bbc radio 4 (repeated 1.44pm and 9.20pm saturday on newshour on bbc world service radio)

today (presented by nick robinson and john humphrys) includes…

The secret diary of Renia Spiegel, a Polish teenager who was shot dead by Nazi soldiers in 1942 is being published, having recently been discovered after 70 years lying untouched in a bank vault. Renia’s Diary, A Young Girls Life in the Shadow of the Holocaust,  has been compared to Anne Frank’s diary. In it, she writes about night-time bombing raids, the disappearance of other Jewish families, and the creation of the ghetto.”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter rebecca jones

• niece alexandra bellak 

(see also


Today: Annexation promise

this morning (wednesday 11th), 6.13-6.16am, 6.48-6.53am, and 8.45-8.53am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by nick robinson and john humphrys) includes…

Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank if he’s re-elected as Israel’s prime minister next week.”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter barbara plett-usher

• ambassador hussam zomlot 

dan diker, jerusalem centre for current affairs, former secretary general of the world jewish congress


Today: Jerusalem hotels

this morning (thursday 22nd), 6.43-6.48am, on bbc radio 4 (repeated 1.51pm and 9.51pm sunday on newshour on bbc world servce radio)

today (presented by justin webb and john humphrys) includes …

Church leaders and Palestinians in Jerusalem are calling for international pressure on Israel to stop Jewish settlers taking over two historic properties at the main entrance to the Old City’s Christian Quarter. The Greek Orthodox church has filed a new lawsuit to try to overturn a Supreme Court ruling on the sale of the hotels, saying it was clear proof of corruption.”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter yolande knell

daniel luria of ateret cohanim

abu walid dajani, manager, imperial hotel


Today: Smeeth on Corbyn

this morning (tuesday 23rd), 7.03-7.04am and 7.23-7.27am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by justin webb and john humphrys) includes …

Critics of Jeremy Corbyn’s attempts to deal with anti-semtism have dismissed his latest attempts to deal with the issue.”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter nick eardley

ruth smeeth mp


Today: Labour decision day

this morning (monday 22nd), 6.02-6.03am and 6.42-6.43am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by justin webb and john humphrys) includes …

Members of the shadow cabinet will meet this afternoon to consider Labour’s handling of anti-semitism. Labour peers will discuss several options, including a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn.“

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter nick eardley

carolyn harris mp


Today: de Piero resigns

yesterday morning (saturday 20th), 7.08am, and 7.20-7.22am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by justin webb and john humphrys) includes …

“The Labour MP Gloria de Piero has resigned from her role as shadow justice minister, and announced that she won’t contest her seat in the next election. She said she was worried by a lack of tolerance of different points of view within the party.”

including report from …

• bbc reporter ross hawkins 


Nn/Today: Peers condemn Corbyn

yesterday evening (tuesday 16th), 12.38-12.40am, on bbc 2 tv, and this morning (wednesday 17th), 6.09-6.10am and 8.03-8.04am, on bbc radio 4 

newsnight (presented by emily maitlis) and today (presented by john humphrys) include …

“Around a third of Labour peers have put their name to an advert in today’s Guardian, accusing Jeremy Corbyn of having failed the test of leadership. More than 60 of them say he has yet to accept responsiblity for allowing anti-semitism to grow in the party.”

including contributions from  …

• journalist tim montgomerie

• bbc reporter chris mason 

(see also


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