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Alex Salmond on barbarism

last sunday morning (14th september), 9.00-10.00am on bbc1
the andrew marr show includes alex salmond contrasting unspeakable barbarism, atrocities, and extremism with the policies of the state of Israel(more…)

Today: Philip Hammond

this morning (wednesday 30th), 8.38-8.42am, on bbc radio 4
today includes sarah montague interviewing foreign secretary philip hammond(more…)

HARDtalk: Danny Danon

early this morning (friday 24th), 12.30-1.00am, on bbc news tv (freeview channel 80)
HARDtalk (presented by zeinab badawi) interviews danny danon (more…)

Moral Maze: just war in Gaza?

yesterday evening (wednesday 23rd), 8.00-8.45pm, on bbc radio 4
just war and gaza (in the moral maze series) presented by michael buerk
panellists: matthew taylor, melanie phillips, giles fraser and jill kirby
witnesses: colonel richard kemp, mehdi hasan, dr hugo slim and ted honderich.

“The gruesome and heart rending pictures this week of the broken and shattered bodies of innocent people caught in the cross fire has demonstrated just how rotten the euphemism “collateral damage” really is.
As the body count rises and we try to make a judgement between right and wrong and competing narratives of victimhood we’re confronted by the terrible calculation “how many innocent victims are acceptable? When does a military operation go from being a legitimate act of war or self-defence to being disproportionate, illegal and immoral?


Newshour: Israel/Palestine

yesterday (wednesday 2nd), on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 80)
newshour repeatedly leads with the revenge murder of 17-year-old palestinian mohammed abu khdair in east jersualem (presented by razia iqbal and tim franks), and includes interviews with …
• bbc reporter yolande knell in east jerusalem
hanan ashrawi
ghonit sela of the human rights in east jerusalem project
• israeli defence minister danny danon
sami abu zuhri of hamas
• un human rights spokesperson ravina shamdasani
israa al-mudallal (director of foreign affairs at the palestinian government information office)
• idf lt-colonel peter lerner
• israeli police spokesperson micky rosenfeld
einat wilf of the jewish people policy unit
daoud kitab from amman (more…)

Click: Israel

four weeks ago (may 31st), on bbc news tv (freeview channel 710)
click visits israel
spencer kelly shows an autonomous car, and an in-wheel wheelchair suspension system making a smoother ride over steps, and reports on the following companies and their products:
Opgal: first in the world to turn an andorid smartphone itno a thermal imaging camera
Tactical Robotics: the Air-Mule, an ambulance drone
MobileOCT: a hand-held imaging system screening for cancer
FS21: biometrics identification by gait
IDC Herzliya Innovations Lab: products which help people with balance problems
Gauzi: privacy glass (more…)

Christians in the Holy Land: Part 2

yesterday afternoon (monday 26th), 3.30-4.00pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710) (repeated from 9.30am on
christians in the holy land: 2. newcomers (in the heart and soul series) (2nd of 2 parts)
john laurenson starts the programme by reporting on israeli indifference not only to their own elderly but also to the good hardworking indian catholics whose christian mission and ministry is to look after them – not even giving them enough food to eat (one wonders that they manage to send any money home to their families in india) – a suffering and hardship which their christianity enables them to bear
as father tojy, the indian catholic chaplain in the holy land, says (at 0:01:00) …

“We have around 6,000 Indian Catholics working as care-givers, the working conditions are hard, and difficult. The [care-receivers], they are elderly people to look after, and some of them are very sick, mentally not sound, very hefty people, like 130 kg [20 stone], and old people like that, they can’t able to lift, such cases it is difficult. So some of the employers are very rude, and they don’t even give food for these employees, and they pay them the minimum what is required by the government and sometimes the very minimum they give for eating.
I think the spiritual services, attending the spiritual activities enable[s] them to cope with all the sufferings and hardships. Also, like they are doing it as a mission or ministry, caring for the abandoned, nobody to look after, no families …”

this israeli indifference to the elderly is confirmed (at 0:05:40) by father david neuhaus, catholic patriarchcal vicar …

“They come in, and this is very important to underline, they come in, particularly the Asian Christians, come in as loving hands, because they come in as care-givers, our rich people don’t take care of their old people any more, nor of their sick people, nor of their handicapped …”

(already available at
bbc journalists seem to have worked out at last that the bbc’s middle east guidelines on balance do not apply to religious programmes, and no balance is required when reporting on how much worse israeli jews are than christians!

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