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Imagine … Amos Oz

this evening (saturday 5th), 11.25pm-12.45 (or 12.15?), on bbc 2 tv
amos oz: the conscience of israel (presented by alan yentob) (in the imagine … series) (repeated from november 2005)

Alan Yentob presents a portrait of Israel’s most celebrated writer and political commentator, Amos Oz, whose childhood memoir A Tale of Love and Darkness gives an eyewitness account of the birth of Israel.
Yentob takes Oz back to the settings of the childhood in Israel and reveals a fascinating portrait of the early years of Israel, the tragic story of Oz’s family and his widely respected views on the conflict with Palestine.”


Imagine: Philip Roth

last wednesday and thursday evenings (23rd and 24th may), on bbc 2 tv (repeated from may 2014 on bbc 1 tv)
philip roth unleashed (presented by alan yentob) (2 episodes) (in the imagine … series)

“Having celebrated his 80th birthday in his home town of Newark, New Jersey, Philip Roth, in conversation with Alan Yentob, is ready to tell the whole story.

Mel Brooks unwrapped

last saturday evening (17th february), 11.00pm-12.15, on bbc 2
mel brooks unwrapped (presented by alan yentob) (in the imagine … series)

Alan Yentob visits Mel Brooks at home in Hollywood, at work and at play. With the aid of BBC archive stretching back decades, together they embark on an unpredictable, irresistible journey through the city of stars, meeting the legendary Carl Reiner along the way.”

Shylock’s Ghost

tomorrow evening (tuesday 27th), 10.35-11.45pm, on bbc 1
shylock’s ghost (presented by alan yentob) (in the imagine … series)

Alan Yentob travels to the ghetto in Venice with award-winning novelist Howard Jacobson as he embarks on a retelling of Shakespeare’s most performed play, The Merchant of Venice. Through a series of lively – often fiery – interviews, they examine the charge of anti-Semitism against Shakespeare, whose character Shylock remains one of the most odious and divisive fictional Jews in history.
How did the moneylender from Venice become such a useful propaganda tool in Nazi Germany? And how much of a liberty will Jacobson be taking when he uproots the action to modern-day Alderley Edge, and audaciously reinterprets the infamous ‘pound of flesh’?
Interviewees include • Antony SherAnthony Julius and • Stephen Greenblatt.”


Imagine … Mike Leigh

this evening (tuesday 25th), 10.35-11.20pm, on bbc 1
the one and only mike leigh (presented by alan yentob) (in the imagine… series) (more…)

Philip Roth Unleashed: Part 1

tomorrow evening (tuesday 20th), 10.35-11.40pm, on bbc 1
philip roth unleashed: part 1 (in the imagine … series) (part 2 next week) (more…)

Imagine … Judith Kerr

tomorrow evening (tuesday 26th), 10.35-11.35pm, on bbc 1
imagine … judith kerr (more…)

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