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ATC: Religion and humour

this morning (sunday 10th), 9.00-9.30am, on bbc radio wales (repeated from march 2017)
all things considered (discussion, chaired by roy jenkins) leads with …

Religion and humour: How much can humour challenge us to think about matters of faith? How should we determine where joking ends and blasphemy begins? And why is religion such fertile ground for those who try to make us laugh?”

including panellists …
• rabbi monique mayer, cardiff reform synagogue
• rev marcus wyn robinson, presbyterian minister, and former naval chaplain ”taff the laff”
simon jenkins, editor of satirical magazine ship of fools
• comedian and writer paul kerensa, author of so a comedian walks into a church

Alex Edelman

last thursday evening (9th march), 11.00-11.30pm, on bbc radio 4
alex edelman: millennial

Alex Edelman, the 25 year-old Bostonian Native and Winner of the prestigious Best Newcomer Award at the 2014 Edinburgh Comedy Festival, presents a special half-hour version of his award winning show about the much misunderstood and ridiculed “Millennial” generation, and how he’s used his smart-arse wit to bite back.”


P4t: Jonathan Hughes 31/3/2016

last thursday (31st march), on bbc radio 2
pause for thought, by rabbi jonathan hughes

Seeing The Funny Side:
‘The Jewish sense of humour has kept us hopeful during the darkest hours of our history’.'”

for other clips from pause for thought, see SCoJeC MEMO 301
(if you missed it, available at

The Goldbergs

every evening this week (monday 20th to friday 24th), 7.30-8.00pm, on E4 tv
the goldbergs (1st to 5th of 23 episodes, series 1 of 2) (more…)

Ayelet Gundar-Goshen

yesterday evening (wednesday 18th), 7.16-7.24pm, on bbc radio 4
front row (presented by kirsty lang) leads with …

“Israeli author Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, author of One Night, Markovitch, on the men from Palestine who travelled to Europe at the start of World War II to marry Jewish women, thus saving them from the Nazis.”


Nurse (episode 1)

yesterday evening (tuesday 10th), 10.00-10.30pm, on bbc 2
nurse (episode 1 of 4) (written by paul whitehouse and david cummings)
opens and closes with paul whitehouse playing maurice, the irritating old jewish man next door who won’t stop talking and won’t leave (for clip, see (more…)

Simpsons’ Bible stories

tomorrow afternoon (wednesday 11th), 6.00-6.30pm, on channel 4 tv
Simpsons’ Bible Stories (episode 18 of season 10) (more…)

Keeping Up with the Steins

tonight (wednesday 14th), 11.35pm-1.00, on bbc 1
Keeping Up with the Steins (2006)

“Comedy starring Daryl Sabara. A 13-year-old Jewish boy facing his Bar Mitzvah tries to figure out what it means to be a man.”


Frasier: Merry Christmas, Mrs Moskowitz!

tomorrow morning (thursday 18th), 10.30-11.00am, on channel 4 tv
frasier: award-winning 10th episode, 6th series:
merry christmas, mrs moskowitz! (more…)

Lynn Ruth Miller

this evening (thursday 14th), 10.06-10.30pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710)
outlook includes …

Jo Fidgen interviews Lynn Ruth Miller, an American who took up comedy when she was 71 years old and now performs as a stand-up comedian.”


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