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Today: holocaust music

this morning (saturday 21st), 8.53-9.00am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by mishal husain) concludes with …

“There’s to be a special concert at the Wigmore Hall in London about learning from the Holocaust.”


Holocaust songs

tonight (sunday 22nd), 23.45pm-12.30am, on bbc radio 3
songs that bridge the wire

“A rare foray into the musical landscape of the ghettos and concentration camps of Nazi-occupied Europe was made by the Third Programme in 1965:
Ezra Jurmann, a former child inmate of the Strasdenhof Concentration Camp in Latvia, deported there with his family from Dresden in 1942, described and sang some of the many songs he encountered in the darkest of times.”


Holocaust music

this evening (sunday 22nd), 6.45-7.30pm, on bbc radio 3
music on the brink of destruction (in the sunday feature series)

“Drawing on original research and newly-digitized archives, Southampton University’s Shirli Gilbert, historian & author of Music in the Holocaust, analyses this rich musical history from the worst of times.


Concentration camp music

tomorrow morning (thursday 21st), 11.30am-12.00, on bbc radio 4
concentration camp music: raising the dead (more…)

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