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Clash of Futures 6

last wednesday evening (1st april), 11.00-11.55pm, on bbc alba tv

clash of futures: 1918-1935, episode 6 (in gaelic and german, with english subtitles

“6. Mass unemployment as a result of the global economic crisis reaches its peak in 1932. Communists and National Socialists fight bloody street battles. On January 30, 1933 Adolf Hitler is named Chancellor of the Reich. Jewish citizens endure massive reprisals.”


Nazi children

yesterday evening (monday 13th), 9.00-10.00pm, on bbc 4 tv  

hitler’s children (narrated by samuel west) (repeated from 2012)

“This film looks at the descendants of the most powerful figures in the Nazi regime: Himmler, Frank, Goering, Hoess:men and women who were left a legacy that indelibly associates them with one of the greatest abominations in history. What is it like to have grown up with a name that immediately raises images of genocide? How do they live with the weight of their ancestors’ crimes? Is it possible to move on from the crimes of their ancestors?”


The road to Treblinka

this evening (thursday 9th), 11.00-11.50pm, on bbc 4 tv (repeated from october 1997, october 1998, and august 2000, all on bbc 2)
the road to treblinka (5th of 6 episodes in the nazis: a warning from history series) (narrated by samuel west) (written and produced by laurence rees)

“How could it happen? How was it possible that the Nazis created killing factories in order to exterminate the Jews and others they thought ‘undesirable’? … The Road to Treblinka traces the decision-making process that led to one of the greatest crimes the world has ever seen – the Holocaust.”

including contributions from …
adolph buchner, SS pionierbataillon, eastern front
christine von amsberg, heydrich family friend
wilhelm gunsilius, photographer
viera silkinaite, witness to 1941 kaunas massacre
walter frentz, cameraman
riva losanskaya, escaoee from butrimonys massacre
alfonsas navasinskas, witness to butrimonys massacre
juozas gramauskas, witness to butrimonys massacre
petras zelionka, lithuanian auxiliary police, war crime trial witness
jutta rudiger
gunther ruschin, berlin jew
erwin massuthe, witness to berlin deportations
alfons schulz, switchboard operator, hitler’s headquarters
samuel willenberg, treblinka survivor (more…)

Himmler: the decent one

tomorrow evening (sunday 6th), 10.25-11.55pm, on bbc 4 tv (repeated from april and august 2015)
himmler: the decent one (in the storyville series) (more…)

Dachau porcelain

tomorrow morning (friday 25th), 9.45-10.00am, on bbc radio 4
allach, read by julian rhind-tutt (4th of 5 episodes of the white road by edmund de waal) (in the book of the week series)

“Edmund’s pilgrimage to the lands and people who make porcelain takes him to Dachau where he uncovers the dark history of Allach porcelain

(see also…) (more…)


this evening (monday 27th), 9.00-10.30pm, on bbc 4 tv (freeview channel 9)
himmler: the decent one (in the storyville series) (more…)

The World at War: Genocide

early tomorrow morning (tuesday 17th), 12.20-1.10am, on bbc 2 (repeated from 1973 on itv)
genocide (narrated by laurence olivier) (episode 20 of 26 in the the world at war series) (more…)

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