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COTW: Gustav Mahler

last wednesday morning (25th september), 12.00-1.00pm, on bbc radio 3

gustav mahler (1860-1911): god (3rd of 5 episodes) (in the composer of the week series) (presented by donald mcleod)

“3. Mahler’s ambivalent relationship to religion.

Mahler is often quoted as declaring himself “thrice homeless – as a native of Bohemia in Austria, as an Austrian among Germans, as a Jew throughout the world – always an intruder, never welcomed.” But while he may have been culturally Jewish he certainly wasn’t devoutly observant, and he wore his Judaism lightly enough to have no problem with converting to Catholicism when it suited him for professional purposes – in 1897 he was offered the directorship of the Vienna Court Opera, but only on condition that he switched faiths.


Cotw: Mahler

every afternoon this week (monday 27th to friday 1st), 12.00-1.00pm (repeated 6.30pm), on bbc radio 3
gustav mahler (1860-1911) (presented by donald macleod) (in the composer of the week series) (more…)

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