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The Wall

BBC bias: Despite less than 20 miles (6%) of the security barrier being concrete*, S4C follows standard BBC policy of never showing the other 94%, deliberately giving the impression that the barrier is entirely or mostly a concrete wall.

* (see

BBC bias: At 0:33:57. series presenter Ffion Dafis silently hugs an unnamed female ‘fixer’ who (0:32:55 to 0:34:00) has just said …
“Many people start to think, okay only God protects me, and many others say, what if I die now, nothing will happen, so that’s why we lose the sense of life, no-one cares, and then we face fear, we face, we see our rights being smashed on the floor, and that we are treated as if we weren’t even human beings, with soul and feelings and emotions, it’s like just creatures, you know, or insects, anyone can step on them and just walk. So when you feel that, you stop caring.

last sunday evening (25th november), 8.00-8.50pm, on s4c tv, in welsh
israel – palesteina (in the al wal (the wall) series. presented by ffion dafis) (possibly fydd rhiannon roberts)

“Presenter Ffion Dafis visits the wall that separates Israel and Palestine.”

including interviews in english with …
rami elhanan, parents circle families forum, 0:05:20 to 0:60:00, 0:34:00 to 0:34:30, 0:36:10 to 0:36:50, 0:37:30 to 0:39:20, and 0:43:55 to 0:46:00
• rabbi hanan schlesinger, founder of roots, 0:12:40 to 0:13:40
esther kones, youth worker, roots, 0:14:05 to 0:15:20
dalia qumsieh, lawyer, st yves advocacy organisation, 0:20:45 to 0:22:00 and 0:29:45 to 0:30:00
bassam aramin, the forgiveness project, 0:34:50 to 0:36:10 and 0:41:10 to 0:41:30
(if you missed it, available at


Death at the Junction

yesterday evening (saturday 23rd), 9.30-10.00pm, on bbc news tv
death at the junction (presented by yolande knell) (in the our world series)

“Over the past year, a new wave of violence has brought terror to the streets of Israel and the West Bank. Palestinians have attacked Israelis in apparently random acts. In some cases the attackers have been young teenagers, armed with kitchen knives.
The Gush Etzion junction is one site of many attacks. It’s on the main road between Jerusalem and Hebron and is used by thousands of Jewish settlers. The junction used to be a place where Palestinians would also shop and work. Now people are scared that being there could cost them their lives.
The film contains disturbing images from the start.”

including interviews with …
• security officer daniel hanson
maor don, son of yaakov don
mohammed saad, of khirbet zakaria
see also (more…)

FOOC: Gush Etzion junction

yesterday morning (satuday 23rd), 11.36-11.45am, on bbc radio 4
from our own correspondent (presented by kate adie) includes extracts from bbc tv film death at the junction (see next) …

“But over the past 6 months, young Palestinians, mostly acting alone have carried out a series of stabbings shootings and car-rammings. The response of the Israeli security forces is usually lethal. Some 30 Israelis have ben killed and about 200 Palestinians, most of whom Israel says were carrying out attacks.
Yolande Knell reports”


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