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5f: Lev Tahor

this afternoon (friday 8th), 12.44-12.51pm (repeated 6.44pm and 3.44am), on bbc world service radio
fifth floor (presented by david amano) includes …

Lev Tahor is an Orthodox Jewish sect based in Guatemala. They are a controversial group, with members accused of kidnapping their own relatives.”

including interview with …
• bbc mundo reporter ana gabriela rojas


Newshour: Guatemala is second

this afternoon (wednesday 16th), 2.36-2.40pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by alex forsyth) includes …

Guatemala becomes the second country to move its embassy to Jerusalem

including interview with …
alon liel, former israeli ambassador to south africa, and director-general of the israeli foreign mininstry


OS: Guatemala and Jerusalem

yesterday afternoon (monday 25th), 4.11-4.15pm, on bbc world service radio
bbc os includes …

“We hear reaction to Guatemala recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

including contributions from …
• bbc mundo reporter arturo wallace
• bbc reporter alan johnston

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