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PL: Anti-semitism in Labour

thursday 27th june, 12.41-12.53pm, last wednesday morning (10th july), 11.43-11.56am, and last thursday morning (11th july), 11.47am-12.04pm, on bbc 2 tv

politics live (presented by jo coburn and andrew neil) include …

“Allegations of anti-semitism within the Labour party.”

including contributions from …

tosh mcdonald of aslef

• lord falconer

wes streeting mp

andy mcdonald mp

• journalist madeline grant

• theresa villiers mp

• journalist david aaronovitch

• journalist dawn foster


Today: Williamson let off

this morning (thursday 27th), 6.35-6.36am, and 7.53-7.58am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by justin webb) includes …

“It should be a wonderful time to be a Labour MP, but of course it isn’t, in part that’s because the party’s split over Europe, but there is among many Labour MPs a real horror too, of what they see as the mishandling of accusations that the party’s institutionally racist. The decision yesterday to re-admit the MP Chris Williamson who was suspended from the party for a pattern of behaviour culminating in a recording of him saying that the party had been too apologetic about anti-semitism, has caused pretty widespread upset.”

including contributions from  …

• bbc reporter norman smith

lord falconer 


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