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Frontrow: Denial

yesterday evening (friday 27th), 7.16-7.26pm, on bbc radio 4
frontrow (presented by john wilson) leads with…

“Playwright • David Hare discusses his screenplay for the film Denial, starring Rachel Weisz and Tom Wilkinson, about Holocaust scholar Deborah Lipstadt‘s legal battle with Holocaust denier David Irving.”



Amos Oz on Judas

yesterday evening (tuesday 13th), 7.27-7.36pm, on bbc radio 4
frontrow (presented by samira ahmed) includes …

“The distinguished Israeli writer, Amos Oz, discusses his latest novel, Judas, which provides an alternative reading not just of the man whose name became synonymous with the word traitor, but suggests that traitors may have more to offer than simple betrayal.”


Frontrow: Judith Kerr

last friday evening (8th july), 7.16-7.26pm, on bbc radio 4
front row (presented by john wilson) includes …

“Author and illustrator Judith Kerr, who escaped Hitler’s Germany as a child and went on to write more than 30 children’s books, has received a lifetime achievement award from the reading charity BookTrust.
The creator of the Mog the Cat and The Tiger Who Came to Tea talks about what keeps her drawing and writing at the age of 93.”


The A Word

this evening (monday 21st), 7.15-7.23pm, on bbc radio 4
frontrow (presented by kirsty lang) leads with …

The A Word is a six-part drama on BBC One that portrays a family coming to terms with their son being diagnosed as autistic. Its writer Peter Bowker joins us in the studio.
‘Peter, tell us about the original Israeli series, on which you based it’.”


A B Yehoshua

this evening (monday 22nd), 7.35-7.44pm, on bbc world service radio
front row (presented by samira ahmed) concludes with …

The Extra by A B Yehoshua

including interview with …
a b yehoshua (more…)

Look Who’s Back

last thursday evening (24th september), 7.24-7.31pm, on bbc radio 4
frontrow (presented by kirsty lang) includes …

“Front Row stops off in Germany with author Timur Vermes and his runaway best-selling comedy novel Look Who’s Back, which imagines Adolf Hitler waking up in a gutter in contemporary Berlin – and which has spawned a new radio drama starring David Threfall as the Führer.”

(see also…) (more…)

Frontrow: Jewish comedy

this evening (tuesday 25th), 7.27-7.35pm, on bbc radio 4
frontrow (presented by samira ahmed) includes …

David Baddiel and David Schneider unpick the changing nature of Jewish comedy as a new festival begins in London.”


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