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BT: ‘Jewrovision’

friday 8th february, online only, from bbc radio 4 

jewrovision: can young jews celebrate their identity?  (presented by lucy hancock and amie liebowitz) (20-minute podcast interview, in the beyond today series) 

“With the trend in anti-Semitism and the growth of far-right politics sweeping through Europe, it’s a worrying time to be Jewish.

But young Jews in Germany have found a place to celebrate Jewish culture. Last weekend in Frankfurt, Jews from all over Europe flocked to ‘Jewrovision’ to celebrate their identity in the most joyful way.”


Outlook: Ruth Westheimer

this afternoon (monday 22nd), 12.33-12.46pm (repeated 6.33pm), on bbc world service radio
ruth westheimer (in the outlook series) (presented by emily webb)

“Dr Ruth Westheimer has been speaking to Outlook’s Emily Webb. She began by telling about her early life in Germany and the tragic way she learned her parents had been killed.”


Frankfurt war crimes trials

this morning (monday 28th), 12.20-12.29am, on bbc world service radio
the history hour (presented by max pearson) includes …

“When Germany put Nazis on trial: • Gerhard Wiese, a junior prosecutor at the Frankfurt war crimes trials, is interviewed by • Lucy Burns


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