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Prayer for the day

every weekday morning this week (monday 22nd to friday 26th), 5.43-5.45am, on bbc radio 4
prayer for the day with rabbi jonathan wittenberg on …
• forgiveness
•• helen bamber
••• new year: the book of life

•••• respecting nature
••••• consider how others see you (more…)

Forgiveness: Julia Neuberger

wednesday evening (26th february), 10.45-11.00pm on bbc radio 3:
julia neuberger on forgiveness (episode 3 of 5, monday to friday, in the essay series: this week’s other essayists on forgiveness are monday: madeleine bunting, tuesday: mark vernon, thursday: david starkey, and friday: michael symmons roberts

“Five people on what Forgiveness is, what it isn’t, and how you do it.
Baroness Julia Neuberger: ‘It’s not a case of Jews equal stern justice, Christians gentle love. We just don’t see how vicarious forgiveness makes sense.’.” (more…)

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