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FT: Shechita labelling

last friday morning (13th april), 5.45-5.50am, and yesterday morning (saturday 14th), 6.52-6.55am, on bbc radio 4
farming today (presented by caz graham and sybil ruscoe) leads with …

“As part of our investigation into food labelling this week we examine the case for and against labelling whether meat has been stunned or not before slaughter.”

including contributions from …
john fishwick, president of the british veterinary association
shimon cohen, of shechita uk
(Cohen, 0:03:45) “What they want to do is try to mislead the consumer into believing that animals that are stunned somehow undergo a gentle medicinal woozy-type stunning that sends them gently off to sleep so that they can then be dispatched in a painless manner. Now, that is so far from the truth as to be laughable.”
liz bowles of the soil association and labelling matters
david swales of the agriculture and horticulture development board
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