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Sunday/W@1: Bethlehem Christmas

today (monday 24th), 7.20-7.24am, and 1.06-1.07pm, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by emily buchanan) and world at one (presented by jonny dymond) include …

“St Nicholas’s saint’s-day is still widely celebrated and nowhere more so than amongst the Palestinian Christian town of Beit Jala, next to Bethlehem.”
Thousands of pilgrims have joined Palestinians in Bethlehem for the start of Christmas Eve celebrations. A parade was held in Manger Square with carols in Arabic played through speakers.”

including reports from …
• bbc reporter yolande knell


Sunday: Kindertransport 80

this morning (sunday 2nd), 7.32-7.38am, on bbc radio 4 (extended version, 11 minutes, online only, at
sunday (presented by emily buchanan) includes …

80 years ago today the first Kindertransport arrived in Harwich bringing 196 children from a Jewish orphanage in Berlin. Rosie Wright hears from Kinder who made that journey to the UK and examines the political debates that took place to allow child immigration into Britain.”

including interviews with …
bob kirk, born rudolf kirchheimer, 1925, hanover
• rabbi bernd koschland, born 1931, furth (near nuremberg)
ann kirk, born hannah kuhn, 1928, berlin

Sunday: Chanucah

this morning (sunday 2nd), 7.26-7.32am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by emily buchanan) includes …

“This Sunday is the first day of Hanukkah – the Jewish festival of light. It is also the first Sunday in Advent on which Christingle services will be held in many Christian churches.”

including interview with …
rabbi dovid lewis, • rebbetzin nachi lewis, and daughters, south manchester jewish community
• rector kate burgess

Sunday: Dead Sea forgeries

this morning (sunday 28th), 7.40-7.45am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by emily buchanan) includes …

“The Museum of the Bible, in Washington DC, said this week that five of its 16 famous Dead Sea Scrolls fragments are fake.”

including interview with …
• dr roberta mazza, papyrologist, university of manchester

Sunday: Israel/Palestine GCSE

this morning (sunday 12th), 7.22-7.28am, on bbc radio 4 (repeated from 6.05am)
sunday (presented by emily buchanan) includes …

Only 2,200 out of 550,000 GCSE history students took up the choice to study Israel-Palestine conflict this year.
We talk to • Michael Davies, a history teacher in Lancaster who says he has come up with an effective way to teach this topic in schools, and • Suhayl Patel, curriculum manager at the Abrar Academy faith school, who tells us how Michael’s teaching methods allowed pupils at his school to understand the conflict from a Jewish point of view.”

Sunday: Labour anti-semitism

this morning (sunday 15th), 7.11-7.17am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by emily buchanan) leads with …

”This week the Labour Party will formally adopt its new ‘anti-Semitism code’ – a definition of what does and does not amount to anti-Semitism when it comes to disciplinary proceedings against its members. But the wording of the code has been heavily criticised.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter kevin bocquet
ivor caplin, chair of jewish labour movement

Sunday: ShabbatUK

this morning (sunday 29th), 7.36-7.44am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by emily buchanan) includes …

“The Chief Rabbi has called on Jews around the country to celebrate an authentic Shabbat for ShabbatUK.
Trevor Barnes talks to • the Chief Rabbi, and also meets • Mitchell Feldman and his daughter Ella Feldman, who are trying to manage without breaking the rules.”


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